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  • More Professional - Series Name

    More Professional - Series Name

    We are giving our products more specific classification by using series names. Choosing the right series name for new sporting optics products like rifle scopes and red dot sights can...

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  • Must-Attend Firearm Exhibitions in the US

    Must-Attend Firearm Exhibitions in the US

    For firearm enthusiasts, collectors and outdoor sportsmen, there are several premier events in the US that showcase the latest and greatest guns and gear. These...

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  • rifle scope

    A Game Changer for Shooting

    If you've never used a red dot sight for shooting before, you're in for a surprise. Red dot sights, also known as reflex sights, provide an...

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  • turkey hunting

    A Challenging and Rewarding Outdoor Pursuit

    Turkey hunting is an exciting and challenging activity that requires a combination of skill, patience, and a good sense of strategy. Whether you're an experienced...

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  • How To Sight In A Red Dot?

    How To Sight In A Red Dot?

    Lastly! You got your brand new red dot sight and you can't wait to try it out on the next shooting! However how to sight...

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  • shooting

    Which Sight Should You Pick?

    In the world of short to medium-range optics, there are two main categories you can pick from: holographic sights and red dot sights. Whether you’re kitting up a...

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  • laser

    Most Common Laser Mounting Systems

    Attaching a laser sight to your weapon is a common upgrade that many owners perform, as it is an easy introduction into customizing your firearm....

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    Should You Choose a Red or Green Laser Sight?

    Laser sights have grown in popularity in recent years because improved technology allows for smaller, lighter, and more powerful lasers. The increase in your accuracy...

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  • CVLIFE dot sight

    How to Choose a Red Dot Sight?

    A comprehensive Red Dot Sights guide, check it out!

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  • dot sight

    Do Red Dot Sights Have Magnification?

    Do red dot sights have magnification? While it may seem like a daunting question, red dot sights often don’t have magnification. Instead, the type of...

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  • Reasons to Buy a Red Dot Laser Sight

    Reasons to Buy a Red Dot Laser Sight

    In the past, red dot laser sights were expensive, fragile and rather cumbersome devices, mainly used in the military field. Today things have definitely changed and the...

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  • Red Dot Laser Sights: An Important Gun Accessory

    Red Dot Laser Sights: An Important Gun Accessory

    Currently, there are three types of red dot laser sights available for the guns and revolvers: the lasers to be externally hooked on the special slide, the lasers integrated...

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