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Most Common Laser Mounting Systems

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Most Common Laser Mounting Systems

Attaching a laser sight to your weapon is a common upgrade that many owners perform, as it is an easy introduction into customizing your firearm. Plus, whether you choose a red laser or a green laser, adding one to your weapon can instantly improve your accuracy and performance. While a laser sight is particularly effective in high-stress and tactical situations, it is still useful even if you primarily use the firearm at a local shooting range. However, if you're new to these attachments, you might be unsure what kind you need and how to mount it to your weapon. To help you with this, I have created this brief guide to discuss the most common and popular ways of mounting a laser sight.

Laser Grip

One popular option for handguns is a laser grip, which attaches to the grip of the gun. This allows the laser to activate from the pressure of your hand when you draw the pistol from a holster. This is incredibly convenient and can save time when you are under pressure. However, a laser grip may affect your holster fit, as the retention straps may not fit.

Trigger Guard Mounted Laser

Trigger guard mounted laser sights have grown in popularity because they are versatile. While these sights aren't universal, you can often swap them between firearms of a similar make and model. The greater room available for these laser sights allows them to be larger, and the greater size provides a more powerful laser. There are two things to remember with trigger guard lasers: they change the shape of your gun, most likely necessitating a new holster, and because of the way they mount they rarely retain accuracy after even just a few shots.

Rail Mounted Laser Sight

The most common laser sights mount to a rail. You can find great laser sights that mount on weaver or picatinny rail bases. While this isn’t an issue for AR 15s, AR10s, and shotguns, for a pistol, make sure you have enough rail space. Rail mounted lasers are the go-to choice for most rifles because they tend to be more powerful and have more features than smaller lasers. Rifle and shotgun lasers are larger and heavier to allow for more power and longer battery life, as well as to incorporate other accessories such as weapon lights. A great way to save money, rail space, and weight is to use a laser/light combo.

Which Should You Pick?

This mostly depends on the type of weapon you are using and personal preference. For example, if you are using a subcompact handgun, a trigger guard mounted laser or a rail mounted laser sight may not be feasible because the frame is too small, which would make a laser grip the best option. Regardless of your choice, we have a wide variety of laser sights available to fit your weapons. We also have red dot sights and weapon lights.


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