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How to Choose a Red Dot Sight?

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CVLIFE dot sight

A comprehensive Red Dot Sights guide, check it out!

Whether you are a novice shooter or a professional sniper, red dot sights is definitely one of the most important optic.Why you need them? Which kind of red dot sight fits you well? Let's follow this guide!

What is the red dot sight? 

Red dot sight is an optic with a red (or green) laser dot in the center. They are small, lightweight so they won’t weigh down your rifle, are parallax-free, meaning that the aiming point is on target regardless of the shooter’s eye position, allows you both eyes open. Fast, and contain a glowing, are famous for their quick target acquisition and are more accurate.

Reflex Sights

They use a small LED that projects a colored dot of light against a lens. The lens works like a mirror, reflecting the dot of light back towards your eyes and allowing you to see the red dot through the sight.

Reflex sights are the most common type of red dot sights since their fast target acquisition,which are ideal for close to mid distance.

Meanwhile, the lower cost made them to be the best alternative of other expensive red dot sights.  

Holographic Sights

The technology inside a holographic sight is more complex than almost any other kind of optic.  The light path inside a holographic scope includes several mirrors, a laser, and optical lenses.  A laser creates the holographic image of the reticle, integrating that image with the target’s image.  


This powerful rectangular sight gives the shooter the ability to quickly lock in on target, even if the shooter's head position is not aligned with the sight. The reticle will always on the target where the firearm is pointed. Move the gun left or right, and the reticle moves as well, but is still on the point of aim.

The reticle sizes of red dot sights? 

Optical redicle comes in varied shapes, such as crosshairs, dot, illuminated, duplex, BDC,etc. The way of choose depends on your shooting needs and preferences, like the dot reticle may too small to see for some people. 

Circles and triangles are typical for specific targets.

Crosshair allows you quarter the target, and hit the aim faster.


What is the illuminated reticle?

As the name shows, the illuminated reticle features bulit in lighting, they can greatly enhance the viewing especially in dim lighting conditions. Any type of reticle could be illuminated, so illuminated reticle is always highly recommend for shooters.

Can several illuminated reticle types combined in one sight? 

Is there any way to combine these varied illuminated reticles in one red dot sight? Of course we can! 4 universal illuminated reticles built in one red/green dot sights, meet all your requirements at one time! Additionally, each pattern features red and green laser plus 5 levels brightness adjustments.

Brightness Setting

Undoubtedly, compared to those simple sights, the red dot sights,which feature brightness setting will be much more stronger. Brilliant dot sights are typical  built in 5 to 10+ brightness levels, they are enough to see the dot under all lighting circumstances.

Brighter level brings quicker target acquisition during close range engagements. In contrast, for long range shooting fits lower lighting.


Moreover, you want to turn up the reticle brightness when shooting in bright daylight. In a dimmer circumstance, you need to turn the brightness down.

Therefore, with a reasonable budget, please always choose the equipment that comes with adjustable brightness setting.

One more important thing  for sights is that they are battery powered, without power, illuminated reticle shows black in your rifle. but the red dot will see  nothing.

Cold conditions can shorten battery life, so please choose the sights with long life  batteries especially illuminated reticles,which need more power to keep maxi brightness.

Minute of Angle

MOA means the minute of angle, the great device would pursue a balance of higher accuracy and quicker target acquisition , 1 or 2 MOA reticle is easier to sight and better for short range.  

Bigger MOA will better for long distance shooting and faster capture the aim. 


Co-witness sights

Co-witness sights are usually considered as being able to align the iron sights (front and rear sights) through the optic. They allow you improve accuracy, and they also give you a backup plan to use your iron sights if your optics stop working for any reason.

At the end of this instruction, let's do a short conclusion about red dot sights 

1. They are perfect for close to mid range (100-300 yards) shooting and home defense.

2. Infinite eye relief 

3. No parallax 

4. Whether reflex or holographic sights can make you both eyes open, to achieve higher precision and quicker target acquisition.


CVLIFE, Ensures Every Hit !


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