Red Dot Laser Sights: An Important Gun Accessory

Currently, there are three types of red dot laser sights available for the guns and revolvers: the lasers to be externally hooked on the special slide, the lasers integrated into the guide-spring rod and the lasers integrated into the grips.

The first ones, i.e. the external ones, are usually the most powerful and effective and have also reached levels of miniaturization and lightness that do not compromise the handling of the weapon.

On the other hand, it must be said that there are still a few holsters on the market that allow you to insert a gun equipped with this accessory and the few that offer this possibility are almost all of the type of external belt. This handicap does not affect the other two models, i.e. the lasers integrated into the spring-guide rod (Lasermax) or in the grips (Crimson Trace Laser grip) since the parts in which the laser pointer is inserted are not affected by the shape of the holster.

red dot laser sight

These lasers, however, are very small in size and their effectiveness is reduced to a few meters, giving the best of itself only in low light conditions. It is well known that the laser serves to acquire the target more directly and there is also another sore point here: the possibility of calibrating these lasers is practically zero. Of course, in an operative shot the precision is rather relative, it is aimed at a shape and not a particular of it, but this does not mean that their practicality is an end in itself.

Whatever our laser pointer, we need to clarify an aspect of its use. Two of the errors in which they are caught by using a laser pointer are mainly due to the difficulty of “searching” where the red dot is positioned on the target and the subsequent haste in pulling the trigger to hit it. All this translates into a slowing of the fire response and a subsequent tearing error due to the “paw” that triggers the trigger to recover lost time. This is not the way to use a laser pointer and to do so you have to change the target acquisition method and train yourself. In some situations, targeting with a laser is more of a hindrance than a utility.

red dot laser sight

Once properly calibrated they are of considerable comfort, allowing a very quick acquisition of the target, it is up to us not to frustrate the aiming with a gross mistake of the tear. However, they have limitations in an operational shooting that affect their use: fragility (among other things, the cost that is not cheap) and size. If the weapon falls and the red dots break, you can no longer aim and you need to remove it to resort to the traditional sighting devices (if any), moreover the holsters that can accommodate this accessory are only those modified at the least worse than the owner, but it still remains their dimensional limit in the occult port. A pity, but technology advances and who knows that some year or month does not jump out something more compact and practical.

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