Do Red Dot Sights Have Magnification?

Red dots are commonly known as reflex sights. They are used for close-range shooting and feature a crosshair or dot design that can help target where the bullet will land. The holographic sights often have the same type of concept, but they’re more refined.

Since they are for close-range shooting, then the answer to the question, "Do red dot sights have magnification?" is no. Instead, these sights come in either a tube or window configuration, which can be mounted on top of a gun. Depending on what sight you’ve bought, you’ll be able to change settings to help illuminate your surrounding area.

Red dot sights don’t provide any magnification, though. Why? The reason is pretty straightforward. This feature technically isn’t needed when using red dot sights because you’re shooting from such a short range.

The Good
First, let’s take a look at the positives of using a red dot sight over a rifle scope. Red dots are known for helping beginners and experts achieve quicker target acquisition. Using a sight helps eliminate the need to close one eye and make sure you’re in range of your target. All you’ll need to do is point the red dot at your desired target and take fire.

Red dots can be used with your eyes open, which can help relieve some of the stress that standard scopes put on your eyes. If you’re going on a hunt, the last thing you want is to add weight to the tools you’re already carrying. Sights are designed to be compact and lightweight, which means that you won’t have to worry about extra bulkiness or weight.

Parallax errors aren’t an issue with red sights because their range goes up to 100 yards. However, they sometimes still happen. If you want faster target acquisition, better targeting, and enhanced accuracy, a red dot sight is the way to go.

The Bad
When it comes to the consequences, there are a few. Red dot sights can only be used with short distance firearms. If you’re trying to attach it to a gun and are further than 100 yards away, you’ll find that your shot will often miss.

Cheaper models also will slow you down and ruin your progress. A red dot sight that is poorly designed will end up having a blurry red dot in the middle of the display. You’ll have a hard time seeing out of the scope or screen, and any dim-lit areas will prevent you from seeing the red dot.


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