The AR-15 is the rifle of the modern day. It is an extremely popular sporting rifle for quite a few reasons. But you may be wondering, "Should I go deer hunting with an AR-15?"

For starters, it is easy to operate and maintain. They are relatively inexpensive, and there are literally thousands of aftermarket parts available.
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Due to all this popularity, it is becoming more and more popular as a hunting weapon.

Many people are using AR-15s for coyote hunting, hog hunting, and other varmint hunting. More and more people are starting to use AR-15s for deer hunting.
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Do red dot sights have magnification? While it may seem like a daunting question, red dot sights often don’t have magnification. Instead, the type of firearm that does have magnification is called a rifle scope. When it comes to choosing which one will fit your shooting style, it really comes down to preference.
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Majority of the avid hunters usually hunt during the night so as to satisfy their hobby by using the darkness as their main obstacle in their success. The fortunate part is that modern science and technology have unlocked several secrets about night optics with the result being the wide range of night vision rifle scopes which are available in the market to choose from by professional hunters.
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