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What Hunting Gear Do I Need?

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What Hunting Gear Do I Need?

I know what you may be thinking, “This is too basic. I know this stuff.” Often times, the basics are easily overlooked, and just because you do it one way doesn’t mean you can’t garner ideas from someone else.

Here is a list of what you'll need to take based on my years of experience.

Hunting Pack

Besides your boots and weapon, this is the most important piece of gear you’ll need. This is the foundation of gear as it is used to support (carry) everything else. You will also rely on your pack to help carry the bountiful harvest off the mountain as well. It needs to be comfortable for all day use carrying gear and be sturdy enough for the possible pack out. It should have an internal or external frame to support hauling heavy loads as well as a well-padded suspension system. Of this suspension system, the hip belt is the most important piece. This is where approximately 80% of the weight should go that you have in your pack. Shoulder straps are less important and should be comfortably padded and shaped so they don’t dig into your neck or shoulders.

Choose a backpack with lots of pockets to keep gear organized and stored.


Kill Kit

This will be essential when you’ve made a well-placed, ethical shot on that mule deer buck, and he expires before he hits the ground. All of the required equipment should be kept in one organizational gear bag .See below:

Tags/License (should always be with the kill kit or in a specific single pocket of your pack)

Sharp Knife (either fixed or replaceable blades)

25 ft of paracord

Rubber gloves

Good quality, light-weight game bags (5)

A contractor-sized garbage bag or synthetic drop cloth

Wet wipes

Hunting Gear Essentials

Can you respond positively to an accident or emergency?

Can you safely spend the night if needed?

You never go into the backcountry without them.

Navigation- paper topo map, BaseMap app on phone with preloaded maps of a 10 mile radius, Satellite communicator

Headlamp w/ extra batteries

First aid kit including blister care

Fire Kit

Waterproof Matches in small container

Cotton balls soaked with petroleum jelly

Rem Oil Wipes (great fire starter)

Waterproof butane lighter

The lightest multitool you can find

Chapstick, Sunscreen, and sunglasses

1.5- 3-liter water bladder or 32 oz Nalgene water bottle

Water filter and iodine tablets (backup)

Light, emergency bivy

Food- Bring enough for a full day if you eat breakfast in camp. If you don’t eat breakfast in camp, bring a day and a breakfast in case you have to spend the night

Puffy jacket

Light rain gear if weather calls for showers (keep handy at camp if not)

Toilet Paper

Other Gear (to be carried)


Spotting scope (optional)

Weapon of choice plus ammo

Wind checker

Trekking Poles with duct tape wrapped on one and electrical tape on the other

Butt pad or small rollup chair

Clothing Layering System

Merino next-to-skin top and bottom (depending on temperature)

Durable yet comfortable pants

Merino Hoody




Merino gloves


Neck gaiter

Good boots (essential)

Layering is key when you're hunting consists of a good combination of hiking and sitting/glassing.

There are many options from which to choose when selecting the gear with which you will hunt. Do your research and just see what works for you. Also, other than the essentials, if I don’t use something two trips in a row, it comes off the gear list for the next trip.


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