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When it comes to shooting, accuracy is key.

After all, improving your accuracy will save you time, ammunition, and even your life. The concern is: How to improve shooting accuracy? Easy. Just slightly adjust a few small tweaks in your shooting form. For example, I first struggled with hitting the bullseye at 500 yards with my rifle. But with a few minor adjustments, like equipping my rifle with the riflescope and red dot sight and following these tips I’m about to cover, I was able to nail targets like never before. That said, here are three tips that’ll help you go from shooting like a Stormtrooper.


  1. Stances and Grip

It’s no secret that how you position your body and hands will have a huge impact on accuracy. Get it wrong, and it’ll affect your sight picture and comfortability — two key factors for accuracy. Let’s start with stances: Your stance will dictate stability, control, and how the force from the weapon is distributed to your body when shooting. The good news? There are a variety of stances you can pick from — the most popular being Weaver, Chapman, and Isosceles. To determine which stance is ideal for you, simply try each one out with a variety of firearms and see which one feels the most natural to you. It becomes far easier to shoot accurately when you’re in a comfortable position. With the stance in place, it’s time to talk handgrip. The way you hold your firearm will affect two things: recoil and control. Here’s how to properly grip your gun: First, you want to grasp the gun with your dominant hand firmly. Then, wrap your non-dominant hand around your dominant hand to create a firm hold on the firearm. Doing so will ensure less movement from the firearm and thus, more control. When firing a pistol, in particular, you want to line up your forearm with the weapon. This will help control recoil, as the force from the pistol will be distributed straight through your forearm, rather than your wrist.


  1. Press, Don’t Pull

A common mistake many rookie shooters make is improper trigger technique. Many individuals pull the trigger too hard, rather than carefully pressing on it. This sudden force on the trigger will cause the firearm to jerk. Not good. Instead, you want to press on the trigger slowly until the shot breaks. With the firearm remaining in a stable position, it becomes easier to follow up with additional shots afterward with far greater accuracy. Again, keeping control of the firearm here is key.


  1. Dry Fire

“Practice makes perfect.” How many times have you heard that quote? Probably a lot. After all, if you want to get good at anything — including shooting guns accurately — you need to practice as much as possible. And one of the best ways to practice shooting is dry firing (or the process of shooting your weapon without any live ammunition inside it). Here’s the reason why you should dry fire:

No additional expenses for ammunition

No safety hazards risk

Enhances trigger control

Helps build the muscle memory needed to shoot accurately consistently

A little practice each day is all it takes. Honing in on those skills is important to refine your technique over time. If you are already an accurate shooter, dry fire practice will help you stay at the top of your game. Here are a few important rules to remember during dry firing:

The firearm must be unloaded

Dry-fire in a dedicated area that has a safe backstop in the direction the gun is pointed

No live ammunition is allowed in the designated dry-firing area

Wear eye protection

Keep your finger off the trigger until you are ready to shoot

Use snap caps. This will protect your gun’s firing pin or striker from unnecessary damage


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