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What Can Hunters Do During Summer

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What Can Hunters Do During Summer

Here are some ideas for how hunters can stay active and engaged during the summer months.

Summertime provides hunters with opportunities to prepare for fall hunting seasons. With wildlife more active in the warmer months, scouting game trails and patterns can help identify promising locations to target come fall. Summer is a great time for hunters to explore new hunting leases or public land hunting areas they haven't hunted before but plan to hunt when seasons open. It's wise to scout these areas ahead of time to get the lay of the land.

Hunters can also use summer months to practice and fine-tune shooting skills. Outdoor shooting ranges provide a place to keep your skills sharp. Trying out any new rifles, bows, scope, red dot or other hunting gear over the summer gives a hunter plenty of time to get comfortable and proficient with the equipment before hunting seasons kick off. Summertime 3D archery shoots are also popular events that mimic hunting conditions.

While hunting seasons are closed, summertime gives hunters a chance to build up and improve habitat. Planting food plots, grasses, or forage that attract wildlife provides better hunting down the road. Maintaining and improving tree stands, ground blinds, trails, and other hunting infrastructure is best done when the weather is warm and dry during summer.

Attend summertime hunting, fishing and outdoor trade shows and events. These provide insight on emerging gear, trends, destinations, outfitters, and tactics. Summertime also offers a window to join a new hunting lease, club, guided trip or outfitter for the fall. Networking with fellow hunters in the offseason can lead to new opportunities.

Lastly, summertime allows hunters to enjoy other outdoor pursuits like fishing, camping, hiking, and trail riding. Though different activities, they still allow you to be in nature while the hunting seasons are closed. Staying active outdoors will keep a hunter's skills and mind sharp.


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