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6 Things to Do to Prepare for a Backpack Hunting Trip

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6 Things to Do to Prepare for a Backpack Hunting Trip

Backcountry hunting is usually a single-day affair. Hike in, hunt, hike out. Backpack hunting, however, adds in at least camping overnight. This adds in a plethora of complications, from food to where you will sleep. With the proper preparation and the right gear, like Redfield scopes for your rifle, iodine tablets for water, and a map to your campsite, you can have a fun, successful hunt. 

Get Ready to Be Alone 

First, you are likely going to be alone for this hunting trip. Bring a book and get ready for solitude. You will be alone at night, which for the first night can be unnerving. Every snap of a twig can sound like something getting close to the tent. Try to ignore most of it, so you wake up well-rested. 

Pack the Right Gear 

You will need to carry every item in and out, with the added weight of an animal when packing out. You should know how much food and water you will need, as well as clothes that cover every part of your body. Be sure to have comfortable boots and socks. Bring all the accessories you need for your rifle, from scopes to bipods. You will want water purifiers or iodine tablets to ensure you are drinking safe water. Bring tools to clean and repair your firearms and a field dressing kit for the game. You will also need a sleeping system, such as a shelter like a tent or a bivy sack, a sleeping bag, and a sleeping pad. 

Be Realistic 

If you haven’t been regularly hitting the gym, don’t expect to hike for miles at a high elevation. Instead, hike in a manageable distance, knowing you will have to haul a heavy animal back out. You shouldn’t expect a four-course meal every night, as packing food and something to cook with takes up space that you will need to manage. 

Keep Your Boots Dry 

One of the worst things that can happen during a backpacking hunt is to hike with wet boots. You’ll quickly get blisters, making the rest of your hunt miserable. From creek crossings to dew on high grass, it’s easy to get your boots and socks wet. Bring extra socks and have a way to dry your socks. Protect your boots as much as possible and keep your feet dry. You can prepare for your hunt by waterproofing your boots. 


Make Sure You Are Hydrated 

Keep drinking water throughout the day. If you are thirsty, you already need water. Bring either a water purifier or iodine tablets. You may want to consider bringing a water bladder, though refillable water bottles can also work at the cost of weight. 

Pick Out a Camping Spot Beforehand 

Do your research beforehand. Find a spot for camping that is protected from the wind and close to a water source. Camping in the wrong spot can mean risking you being able to reach a vantage point, not hearing elk at night, or being too far from water.


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