Steps to Zero a Rifle Scope

After getting yourself a rifle scope which is perfect for your gun but for one reason or the other your shot landed nowhere near the crosshair. This might be because you are unaware that there are more to a rifle scope than attaching the scope on a rifle and taking a shot like a professional! There is need for you to “zero” it.

Taking a bike when as an example, if the bolts are tightened wrongly, for instance, too much on one side, it will spin wrongly and also rub the brake pads. This is also applicable to the rifle scope. If it is not set up appropriately, it will be offline and even at short air rifle, airsoft and paintball range which will definitely throw your accuracy in the wrong direction. You can likewise miss a longer range by a mile or more.

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What Does "Zero a Scope" Mean?

Zeroing a scope means getting the crosshair in the perfect position so that you will hit your target. There are several discussions among shooters on the appropriate way to zero a sight or scope. Thus this content has been provided to explain to hunters, shooters, etc. on how they can zero their scope.

How to Zero a Rifle Scope

The first thing is to set a firm foundation by ensuring the scope is well mounted.

Then put the scope mounts on the rifle first with the top brackets removed.

Tighten them into place with the aid of ½ turns at the time so that they are well sited and level as best as possible, i.e., the downward pressure is equal as possible. Ensure they are not fully tightened because you may want to slide them up and down so as to make a little adjustment.

You can now take the scope and mount it on top of an open rifle mount.

Ensure the windage and elevation turrets are one up and one to the right (these are the “turrets” on sight. You can also use them to make slight adjustment and in the field adjustments for wind).

You can then put the top mount bracket on and tighten it, ensure you use partial turns to tighten up.

Don’t tighten fully at this stage because little adjustment might be needed later on.

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Zero the Scope

Lie in your normal shooting position and check whether you can see through the hunting scope very well

Eye relief is the distance between your eye and the rear scope lens

Unlike cartoons there is no need for you to press your eye against the scope lens

Once it is comfortable, complete the screwing down of all mounts so that your set up is solid, ensure this stage is well taken care of and keep the final turns partial and one by one so as to ensure equal pressure.

These are the appropriate steps to take so as to zero a rifle as well as the scope, once this is done you will be able to take your shot and hit your target without any hindrance.

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