Properties of Red Dot Laser Sight

Laser technology has become widespread in various fields of science and technology, and the time has come when this has come into the shooting business. One of the directions of development of these sights is a red dot laser sight, consisting of a red dot illuminated to create an image of the aiming mark by a laser beam.

The red dot laser sight device is intended for accurate targeting of the device to the target, whether it be a remote sensing device, a range meter, or a sports and hunting sight for sporting bullet shooting for a stationary and moving target. Also, the sight can be used for target designation, for example, in geodesy and navigation, etc.

rifle with red dot laser sight

In red dot laser sights, the laser beam is directed directly to the target. The red dot laser sights have the advantage over traditional sights, which means that they do not need to combine the flies, slats, targets and eyes arrow on one line. Aiming occurs “naturally,” without the need for accommodation of the eye at different distances.

The main element of the sight is a red dot and a laser that forms the image of the aiming mark at a distance of practical infinity (of the order of one hundred meters in front of the target). In addition to the red dot, the design of the sight also includes an LED emitter.

The use of the LED emitter is due to the fact that when using a laser semiconductor emitter, it is possible to reduce the diffraction efficiency of the red dot in the operating temperature range associated with changing the wavelength of the laser emitter when the selective properties of the red dot sight are constant.

red dot laser sight for rifles

The quality of the image of the sighting mark, along with optical aberrations, is affected by the finiteness of the geometric dimensions of the image source restoring the image of the radiation source. It should be noted that if the effect of optical aberrations can be minimized at the stage of laser hologram, for example, by recording a laser hologram in a scheme with an optical aberration corrector, then the effect of the geometric dimensions of the source of the reconstructing radiation cannot be compensated by any other measures except for its restriction by means of a diaphragm or limiting the size of the luminous body of the LED.

Many experts established the relationship between the minimum size of the radiation source and the distance from the radiation source to the red dot laser element, which is necessary to maintain an image quality sufficient for practical purposes. Using in the design of the sight of ultra-bright LEDs such as “IRS” allows solving the problem of the lack of brightness of the image of the aiming mark, which arises when the size of the luminous body is limited.

red dot laser sight

Besides that, you must know about the hologram, which is a device that can be used to be recording and displaying space observed objects, objects like traditional classic two-dimensional sight marks such a point, a crosshair, concentric circles, etc. Moreover, a three-dimensional sighting mark representing a line in space that is a continuation of the gun barrel and aimed at the goal.

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