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The Advantages of LPVO 1-6 Scopes for Tactical Shooting

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The Advantages of LPVO 1-6 Scopes for Tactical Shooting

When we talked about tactical shooting, having the right equipment is crucial for accuracy and performance. To achieve unparalleled accuracy and versatility, modern shooters are turning to LPVO 1-6 scopes, also known as 1-6x24 rifle scopes. These optics have gained immense popularity among enthusiasts and professionals alike, thanks to their unique features that combine the benefits of both magnified and red dot sights. We will explore the advantages of LPVO 1-6 scopes today and why they are a preferred choice for tactical shooting.

1-6x24 LPVO Scope for Tactical Shooting

LPVO 1-6x Scopes Features

  • Optimal Magnification Range

LPVO stands for Low Power Variable Optic, and the 1-6x24 configuration represents a scope with variable magnification ranging from 1x to 6x. This versatility allows shooters to quickly adapt to different shooting scenarios and swiftly transition between close-quarters engagements and longer-range precision shots. For close-quarters combat, the 1x magnification offers a wide field of view similar to that of a red dot sight, providing quick target acquisition and situational awareness. On the other hand, the 6x magnification ensures precise shots at extended distances, making the LPVO 1-6 scope a perfect all-in-one solution.

  • Rapid Target Acquisition

In tactical shooting, speed is of the essence. LPVO 1-6 scopes are designed to enhance target acquisition speed, making them ideal for tactical situations. One of the key advantages of an LPVO 1-6 scope is its ability to offer both eyes-open shooting, akin to a red dot sight. This improves situational awareness and allows for faster target transitioning. Whether engaging multiple targets or navigating complex environments, the LPVO 1-6 scope allows shooters to keep both eyes open, leading to quicker and more accurate shots.

  • Enhanced Reticle Designs

The reticle of an LPVO 1-6 scope is designed to provide versatility for various shooting scenarios. Many scopes offer illuminated reticles with various brightness settings, making them usable in low-light conditions. Some reticles incorporate bullet drop compensation markings, windage holds, and ranging capabilities, further aiding accuracy in different shooting environments. These features enable shooters to quickly adjust for elevation and windage, enhancing overall precision.

  • Wide Field of View

LPVO 1-6 scopes typically have a wide field of view, especially at lower magnifications. This wide field of view enables shooters to maintain awareness of their surroundings while zoomed in on a target. It is particularly useful in tactical shooting situations where threats may come from various directions. The wide field of view ensures that shooters have a clear view of their surroundings, minimizing blind spots and increasing overall situational awareness.

  • Compact and Lightweight

LPVO 1-6 scopes are generally compact and lightweight compared to higher magnification scopes. This makes them more maneuverable and less cumbersome, especially in fast-paced tactical scenarios. The reduced weight and size also contribute to improved balance and handling of the firearm. Tactical shooters often operate in dynamic environments, and the compactness of LPVO 1-6 scopes allows for easier movement and quick target engagements.

  • Durability and Reliability

In tactical shooting, equipment durability and reliability are paramount. LPVO 1-6 scopes are built to withstand the rigors of intense shooting activities. They are usually constructed with high-quality materials that are shockproof, waterproof, and fog-proof. These scopes can withstand recoil, extreme weather conditions, and rough handling, ensuring that they perform consistently even in challenging situations.

1-6x24 LPVO Scope

CVLIFE 1-6 Scopes Comparison 


CVLIFE 1-6x24 LPVO Scope

CVLIFE 1-6 Scopes

LPVO 1-6 Scopes





Objective Diameter








Eye Relief




FOV(ft@100 yard)




Illuminated Reticle

5 Level Dual Illumination

6 Level Illumination

5 Level Dual Illumination

Reticle Color

Red & Green


Red & Green

Mounting Type

‎Cantilever Mount

Cantilever Mount

Cantilever Mount

Adjustment Range

Windage 60MOA

Elevation 60MOA

Windage 120MOA

Elevation 120MOA

Windage +-60MOA

Elevation +-60MOA


Whether engaging targets at close-quarters or medium to long-range distances, LPVO 1-6 scopes provide the flexibility and performance necessary for tactical shooting success. Consider adding an LPVO 1-6 scope to your firearm setup for enhanced accuracy and situational awareness in your next tactical shooting endeavor.


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