Long Shot with Collimator Red Dot Laser Sight

The concept of a “long shot” in the case of a collimator sight is very relative, since the dimensions and the glow of the aiming mark in certain conditions, depending on the remoteness of the target, its shape, size and colour, can give the aiming process a lottery character, while the banal mechanics will cope with this task.

In our case, it will be exclusively about the hunting specifics of the use of collimator red dot laser sight, which both producers and sellers recommend primarily for enclosure hunting with working distances up to 50-70m.

Under these conditions, moreover, taking into account the movement of the target, the collimator shows himself in the best possible way on the gun, which is on a khaki, forgiving the hunter for the negligence of the attachment with a quick sweep and simplifying the guidance, red dot on target shot.

Micro Red Dot Gun Sight

In such narrowly considered conditions, it is incorrect to compare a collimator with traditional optics (even with an increase of 1 time), since any sight is undemanding to the rigour of the relative position of the pupil and the optical axis of the device.

Another reason for the incorrectness of such a comparison is that a high-quality optical sight with a lower threshold of an increase of 1 times three times three is more expensive than an excellent collimator, although, of course, it surpasses the latter in universality, providing extremely accurate shooting at whereas large ranges. And the “distance” problem of the collimator consists of the size with an integral sign, that is, the diameter of the luminous red dot.

red dot laser sight

For hunting collimators, the point of size 4 MOA, whose diameter at the station of 100 m is about 115 mm, is equal to or smaller than the size of the slaughter zone of any medium or large game animal. At a distance of 50 m, the linear dimension of the mark is twice as small as 58 mm, and there cannot really be any questions about the accuracy of reference.

But under the influence of fashion and perfectionists a few years ago there was a tendency for a further decrease in the collimator point, up to 2 MOA, which theoretically should positively affect the accuracy of shooting.

In practice, the exact work with the collimator red dot laser sight is complicated by the subjective factor. According to our observations, no more than 25-30% of hunters are able to observe the correct (round) form of the brand with the correct brightness. Subcompact Micro on the proprietary bracket is put on the Blazer in 5 seconds and folds generally for a couple. The Blazer system provides the ability to install a wide variety of optics of all kinds of symmetrical distortion, most often deforming the circle to an oval shape.

For example, if we consider the collimators specifically designed with the red dot laser technology, with our right eye (light farsightedness) see an elongated diamond with rounded corners and a noticeable halo, which cannot be eliminated by adjusting the brightness. In addition, the diamond is inclined at an angle of 45 degrees.

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