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How to Get into Long Range Shooters for Beginners?

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How to Get into Long Range Shooters for Beginners?

Long-range shooting is one of the most difficult disciplines in shooting sports. It challenges not only your basic marksmanship skills but also how well you understand your equipment and ballistics. Plus, it can be ridiculously expensive. Everything from the rifle to the optics to the ammo can cost a lot of money. On top of that, depending on where you live, it can be nearly impossible to find a long-distance range. With all those hurdles, it sounds like a totally unapproachable activity, right?

What Is Long-Range Shooting?

Some experts define "long-range shooting" as shooting at any range where you have to make significant sight corrections to hit your target.

You don't have to shoot long-range to be a precision shooter. Long-range shooting means hitting a target from a great distance, more often than not you are concerned with precision. If you can't be precise at short ranges, then you definitely won't be precise at long ranges either.

Gear To Get You Started

There's a common misconception that for long-range shooting, you need the best and most expensive gear.

The bare minimum that you'll need to get started in long-range shooting is a rifle, scope, and ammo. Specifically, you should look for a long-range rifle with factory options from a reputable manufacturer, a scope with a fine target reticle(and decide if you want Mils or MOA), and factory match-grade ammo.

How To Start Long-Range Shooting

If you're interested in long-range shooting, start at 100 yards and focusing on the fundamentals of marksmanship, learn how to use your gear, and zero your rifle. Also, take an introductory course on marksmanship either in person or online before you start shooting.

You'll know you're ready to advance when you can consistently shoot that quarter-size group at 100 yards. Then, when you do advance, you should extend the range by 100 yards each time and stay there until you're shooting quarter-size groups. Keep advancing until you reach 1,000 yards.

Finding Trusted Resources

When you search for more information on long-range shooting, please be cautious and read the full thread before accepting any advice. The reason is that the quality of the information and the sources will vary.


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