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Gun Accessories for Today's Modern Hunter

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Gun Accessories for Today's Modern Hunter

With Valentine’s Day around the corner and passions running high, handgun hunting is only for the passionate. It takes tremendous patience, complete awareness of the range and shot placement and full trigger control. For a hunter, his handgun becomes his first love. He loves his weapon and senses the target. Techniques of ethical hunting are great, but there’s always the element of surprise. If you are truly passionate and plan to take your handgun on a hunt, make sure you have the right gear.

A Ruggedized Miniature Reflex is a useful accessory considering the way some red dots break under pressure. Lookout for LED, adjustable LED or Dual Illuminated, each of which offers dot sizes between 1.0 and 13 MOA. You need to hold zero well on 10mms, neither to restrict nor hinder field of vision. Check out for models offering a battery saving feature. The last thing that you want is a battery die mid-hunt on you. You can imagine how helpful this feature can be.

A scope that has a duplex reticle with windage and elevation is a useful piece of equipment to have while on a hunt. It’s only as good as the rifle and the optics that you use. While many shooters are sold on expensive brands, cheaper scopes can be quite as good. One just needs to clear certain myths surrounding the cheaper makes, simply because they carry the ‘Made in China’ tag. It’s also an obvious fact that an attachment that costs you less than a hundred bucks can’t be using the same premium materials and designer touch as a scope that costs you above five or seven hundred dollars. Yet, how good or otherwise, can a cheaper option be? When we look closer, at the technical specs, one would discover that one can even get a piece with a 6-24 magnification and a 50 mm objective that is at an astonishingly low in price. That honour goes to CVlife and it’s not bad at all.

Bipods aren’t accessories limited to use on rifles. There are a variety of pistol bipods on the market, some of which are limited to the six to nine-inch height you might be used to with your rifle. Do you really need a rifle bipod? If you are a bit of a gear freak when it comes to hunting and shooting equipment you would have endless questions about these accessories. The main question remains whether or not they are worth buying and how much to spend. They provide balance giving you the ideal height for your line of vision when kneeling or seated on the ground.

Lights and lasers are useful tools when you’re night hunting with handguns. Look for known makes of quality weapon-mounted lights and lasers. After running it in low-light or no-light shoot houses you realize that you need something light and small enough that you won’t even notice its presence.

A good holster may seem like an obvious piece of gear but are hard to find. You need something made from premium steerhide to suit chest-style cross-draw carry. It should be easy to adjust to the adjustable torso strap, with a buckle, and a thick shoulder strap for comfort. A retention strap on the holster itself with a simple to operate polymer release tab is useful.


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