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5 reasons why you need to add the CVLIFE Laser light to your handgun rifle

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green laser

green laser

While on a hunt, what you need from any green or red light flashlight is not just a long range, but also performance when aiming at a distant target. Some of the more budget options are totally incapable of giving you this combination. The quality of materials is also a point to consider, if it is too lightweight it can be easily broken if dropped so you also need something tough, especially since it is potentially your main source of night light.

The choice from CVLIFE is probably the most reliable for this although there are a couple of makes others that could become a close second. You have available both, red as well as green laser sights. The Red Laser Sight Picatinny 20mm Weaver Rail Mount f/ Handgun Rifle and the Green Laser Bore Sight Collimator Boresighter for .22 to .50 guns are your best choice.

green laser

The specs are beyond compare. They fit most of the makes. The Weaver Rail is Picatinny 20mm, which is the standard size. They give you greater accuracy. They are adjustable for windage and elevation for day and night shooting. They are anti-vibration, fog-proof and shock-resistant. The covering is made from an anti-corrosive high-strength Aluminum Alloy giving you good endurance and longer life. The dimensions and weight with battery them portable and easy to carry. Most important of all, you have a longer range. The laser range is more than 100m at night. 

The products have positive customer reviews. One customer states that the product is as described. The laser is bright and easy to see. Comes with all the parts and fits well onto the rails. The only issue was that was that it would not hold zero for more 3 shots when mounted on a 9mm. Nevertheless one really can’t expect it to hold zero for the price. On .22 LR it could probably work with no issues or on airsoft, or something similar it would definitely be worth the cost. If you plan to use it actually on a firearm with a calibre bigger than a .22 LR this laser probably wouldn't be the best choice.

green laser

The features are indeed very practical. They are compact and lightweight with a low profile. The durable metal construction of aluminium alloy undergoes an advanced anti-corrosive treatment. For the adjustment of windage and elevation, special tool are provided.  You have a built-in weaver type base mount. The attachment is easy to operate with the on/off slide switch at the back of the sight. The attachment mounts securely onto a standard pistol rail. It is shockproof and can be used on real fire calibre. It comes with a non-reflective matte black finish. The package also includes one mini red dot laser scope for pistols and handguns, two hex wrenches and Two AG13 batteries.

There is currently a significant 10% discount offered on both the products by the manufacturer with an off clearance of 15% on some of the offerings. If you were considering budget options, here’s your reason best reason not to. When you are out there in the wilderness, the last thing that you want is to have any of your equipment busted. When you opt for a budget option, the higher are your chances. If you are getting the best for less, just grab it!


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