Why You Need a Magnetic Borsighter?

These magnetic boresights offer a slightly different variation to the in-chamber laser boresights. These attach to your muz-zle with strong magnets instead of inserting arbors into your barrel. Magnetic bore sighters fit all calibers and gauges, and no other parts are required that can get lost or damaged.

Magnetic boresighters can also be used to check zero after trans-porting your guns or after a drop or hard use. To do this, sight in your gun and see where your crosshairs end up on your boresighter's grid.

Remember the placement or write it down to check zero any time. These magnetic boresights offer a red or green laser diode allowing boresighting to occur at 25 yds (red) or 100 yds (green) during the day.

Please keep in mind that when shining a laser downrange, the laser's size is typically much larger on paper. This is possibly the best device need-ed for individuals with multiple calibers with optics that they would like to boresight

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