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What's The Best Tactical Backpacks?

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What's The Best Tactical Backpacks?

How to choose the best tactical backpacks? Get 4 in 1  tactical backpacks now!

Why has the tactical backpack becoming a must have gear for daily and outdoor? What makes a backpack tactical? What features should a qualified tactical backpack have? We would dig into these details in this guild. If you are looking for a fit one, do not miss every single word!


What is tactical?
Before talk about the right tactical backpack, to know what the meaning of tactical would help. The tactical features are derived from military armed force, such as hydration pack, MOLLE system,fanny pack for specific and professional tactical functions.
CVLIFE 4 in 1 tactical brings you 4 individual bags !

Moreover, they typically come with military appearance like marpat desert, black ripstop, or coyote brown or camouflage pattern, which aim to help the troop blend into their surroundings well.

Moreover, they typically come with military appearance like marpat desert, black ripstop, or coyote brown or camouflage pattern, which aim to help the troop blend into their surroundings well.

This kind of texture affords the adequate resilience and durability, however, much more lightweight and quick dry than the above two.
That means the polyester tactical backpack is more comfortable and practical to carry in any environment.

Tactical backpacks vary in size based on different needs, since most pack are not regular rectangles they are generally measured in liters or cubic inches.

EDC Backpack
Everyday carry bags are refer to 12h packs. Their size are vary from 5L to 35L for daily needs.

24h Backpack
If EDC backpack is enough to get you through a day, then the 24h backpack is made for overnight, these tactical backpacks are generally 30L to 40L.

3 Day Tactical Assault Backpacks
Compared to EDC and 24h backpack, 3 day tactical assault backpack is undoubtedly the most representative choice. They are typically 40 to 65 liters, which are ideal for long distance hiking and towing plenty of gear to rural campsite area or tough outdoor activities.
These packs are big enough for carry everything needed, meanwhile, come in stronger features.


Shoulder Straps

The shoulder straps are the foundation of a tactical pack, they must adjustable, and high quality shoulder straps are supposed to have additional functionality that is more ergonomic and practical, CVLIFE tactical backpacks features optimized straps with more stitching at stress points, and ungraded clips are strong enough to anti-slip, fold and sew at the end.


Load management

Sternum strape
As you add weight to your pack, a adjustable sternum strap helps to provide more comfort and stability. 


Hip belts 
Hip belts help to transfer the weight of a heavy pack from your back and shoulders to your hips. Adjust the backpack so the padded section of the hip belt is hugging the top of your hips. 

Compression Straps
Compressing a pack closer to your body allows for enhanced balance, stronger load management, and a more comfortable overall carrying experience.


Rear loading straps 
Rear loading straps are found on the back, and often bottom of a backpack. Their purpose is to secure items that are too large to fit in the main compartment like a sleeping bag or a blanket.

Side Loading Straps 
Side loading straps provide even more opportunity to store gear outside of a backpack's main compartments and better balance.

A professional 3 day tactical should built in main compartment, secondary compartment, laptop sleeve, mesh pockets, pen slots and document pouches.

Molle Webbing 

MOLLE webbing provides a customized and versatile carrying experience. If a pack's main and secondary compartments become overcrowded with gear, MOLLE webbing offers the opportunity for extra storage space on the outside of the backpack.

Hydration Bladders

Hydration bladders are very popular in tactical backpacks. These rubber reservoirs rest within the backpack itself and can hold multiple liters of water at a time. A hose runs from the bladder through a channel in the backpack, and drinking from it is as simple as drawing the hose's bite valve up to your mouth. 


In short, the 3 day tactical backpack is the most classical and valuable choice, especially CVLIFE 3 day professional tactical backpacks, you get 4 bags in one time! They can meet all demands of you!

Choose CVLIFE, Choose Profession.


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