The Relevance of Magnification When Shooting

We can purchase different kinds of rifle scopes for our daily need in different environments. However, everyone needs to think about the price when selecting scopes and also making choice which match perfectly with our gadget. Additionally, there are some other things other than price which everyone needs to look into whenever there is need to purchase a scope for their rifle regardless of where it will be used.

hunting with a rifle scope

An essential factor which you need to consider is the environment where you will use the rifle. The environment can be a bush where hunting is done or a sporting environment. There is need for you to consider the average distance where the rifle will be used. The scope which is purchased for a closer distance or targets which are not up to 300 yards would vary from ones which would be used for targets that are more than 300 yards. Also, the description of a new rifle scope is also essential; a rifle scope can be described as either 3-9x40, 16-42x50 and so on. These numbers may look somehow to some people but they would provide adequate information for the buyers when they look at it at first glance.

Most people that usually hunt deer and elk usually purchase 3-9x40 because their shot usually falls within this range i.e. less than 300 yards. The 3-9 which is firstly written implies that the magnification of the content varies and can be changed from 3 times to 9 times and any value in between can be attained also. The adjustment is attained with the aid of adjustment knob and the value used may vary. The magnification can be adjusted easily due to the fact that object have a fixed distance. If an animal is at a distance of 350 yards away, then the magnification of 8 times would provide a better view of such object. However, if similar animal appears at 50 yard distance, the use of 8x magnification would be too large because such would provide excessive magnification which would make you miss your target.

rifle scope

This has been the common experience of amateurs when hunting or at the commencement of a hunting season. I also have the same experience when I was a regular hunter. I went out very early to hunt as usual; I was expecting deer to come around on their trail which is 200 yards from my standing position so that I can have a clear shot. I have prepared my rifle scope and also adjust the magnification appropriately so that the shot will be taken. Surprisingly, a nice bull suddenly walks across at a distance of 30 yards and it has a more than required magnification which prevents me from taking the shot. When I look through my rifle scope, I could not find the bull because of the excessive magnification. My inexperience cost me a big hunt and I’ve learnt the lesson the hard way. Since I have this experience, I always ensure my magnification is set at lower level in case there is an animal passing at close location. The magnification can then be increased so as to kill animals at far locations. Thus, the use of minimal magnification for animal that are closer is a good rule to follow always.

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