The Choice of Rifle Scope Can Determine Hit or Miss

In recent years, most of the hunters have increasingly been trending towards rifle scopes which have high levels of magnification. This makes it common to come across a magnification of higher ones. While those that have more power are better, the concept is widely accepted in areas such as vehicle horsepower, it can also be mistaken for sportsmen to implement this kind of strategy in their hunting.

hunting with rifle scope

The old gold standard for rifle scope magnification, at least for hunting deer, was 3x to 9x. with the aid of 3x power, a hunter will be able to accurately take close shot at a distance which is less than 50 yards that is very common for hunting deer. Nowadays, it is becoming more common for the hunters to be using 6x-18x magnification and in some cases, it may be higher; and while the higher the level of rifle scope magnification is, the field of view will become narrow. With the aid of 6x, which is the lowest magnification rate, it is not possible to aim at a moving target that is at a distant of 30 yards.

At 6x power, a deer would appear six times larger than it would be when seen with the naked eye. At a distance of approximately 30 yards, a hunter will be peering through his rifle scope at a brown patch of fur, making it very impossible to zero in on an aiming point. Not only that the hunter in this kind of scenario would observe that they have zoomed in too close to the animal, but the obstruction would be magnified at the same rate as well. The most common obstruction in the hunting of deer are trees and brush, and in some cases when hunting deer and you have over magnified the image, it is possible for your shot to hit a twig which serve as a defensive weapon in such situation.

top rifle scope

Now, while it is clear that in woodland scenario which involves shorter distance, a high-powered scope is not perfect always, this does not imply that the scope does not have a place also. The high-powered rifle scopes are best for open shooting environment where there are no obstructions and the target range can be up to 250 yards or more. The scope power ranges of 3x to 9x work very well in this kind of situations. The hunter can also step it up to 18x to 24x scopes when the distance of the shooting increases to 400 yards or more. Personal preference is one of the essential factors which should be considered when it comes to shooting, but shooting environment is also essential and should be considered as well.

hunting with cvlife scope

Nowadays, there are more models of rifle scopes which you can choose from than ever before and the manufacturers of the scopes are also developing an increasing number of high magnification scopes. These scopes are not prices at premium as a moderately priced scope will help in achieving a good shot. The wide ranges of scopes are available in the market but it is crucial for the hunters to choose widely based on their environment and the purpose of their shooting. You should also remember that more power does not always translate to a better scope.

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