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So, You Think You Are a Good Hunter?

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So, You Think You Are a Good Hunter?

Hunting sure is as recreational an activity as getting close to nature. There are many who like enjoying the beauty of nature than focusing on hunting, and there’s nothing wrong with that. Nevertheless, if you are truly passionate about becoming a master hunter, you would take it a lot more seriously. Here are some of the qualities of a true hunter that not just help you hunting but also in life in general. 

Humility is the first quality that leads to wisdom. It holds especially true in case of hunters to keep the mind always at a learner state. It helps keep your mind open to learn something new and useful to make you all the more skilful. Any real-life experience would always teach you more than anything else. It’s great to learn from one’s own personal hunting experiences but, no one in this world can acquire all the necessary experience by oneself. It’s important to acquire as much knowledge as possible from the experiences of others as well. Reading, listening to veterans, visiting online forums or groups help you gather precious knowledge.

Good hunters are physically fit. It may seem irrelevant, but you would observe that all the great hunters are also great athletes. To be a good hunter you need to have good health, stamina, strength and arduousness. Can you imagine a fat slob in the woods hunting? He may just hunt some easy game if he gets lucky, but there’s no way that he can become a master hunter. Pay attention to your health. Remain as fit as possible to become a fine hunter.

When hunting, rules and regulations are serious business. A good hunter would always acquire all the knowledge necessary on the hunting rules and regulation of the place where he intends to go for hunting. No matter how good or sharp a man you may be, or the scale of your hunting expertise, you are no good unless you abide by the local hunting rules unless you wish to face a lawsuit. So, therefore, be serious and study the local hunting regulations before setting out hunting.


Know your tools. A good hunter knows his weapons inside out. He knows exactly what he can and wants to do with his equipment and what he cannot. He also knows how to and takes good care of it. Understand your weapons and accessories thoroughly if you want to get anywhere close to becoming a hunter. Source the necessary dope and read. Just spending more time on target practice isn’t good enough. Accustom yourself with all your hardware and its mechanisms. Service your tools regularly. It’s a habit that you should cultivate and take very seriously.

Research your target thoroughly. It’s a no brainer. If you hope to become a master hunter then you certainly need to have proper and detailed knowledge on the animal you intend to hunt. Real-time hunting isn’t just baiting an animal and shooting it in the temple. In fact, baiting an animal isn’t even easy. You need to know the behavioural patterns of your target. This includes eating, rutting behaviour, how they move, when they become more active, how they react to certain situations and a lot more.

Who knows, one day you might share your experiences as a master hunter too!


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