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Rifle Scope: Magnification Vs. Distance

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Rifle Scope: Magnification Vs. Distance

How distance affects on magnification?What's the relationship between them?

Magnification means the degree to the scope can magnify the target.

Rifle scopes are used for ensuring hit target at varied distances.  For this main purpose, they feature different magnification for different shooting range. 

Is the bigger magnification the better?

Novices commonly thought that buy as much magnification as I can. That's undoubtedly  a misunderstanding, in fact,improper magnification is not only time and money wasted even useless at all. 

That's why we always emphasize that choose magnification according to your actual shooting range.

The following list will figure you out about everything!


Magnification Vs. Distance

Up to 100 yards shooting, such as family defense, hunt small game, magnification 1-4x will suffice.




For up to 200 yards shooting, like big-game hunting or close landscape engagement, 5-8x will be your go-to choice.

If up to 300 yards shooting, especially open landscapes (mountain, deserts),get 9-12x magnification. 

What's the meaning of these numbers?

Before we talk further, let's figure out these numbers. Keep them in mind, the first number of before the x means how much magnification the scope has. 

For instance, 3x40 means the magnification is 3, the size of objective lens is 40. While 3-9x40 represents the magnification as well.

So, are they different? Yes, they are two types of magnification.


Fixed or Variable Power?

Fixed magnification means it only offers one specific magnification, such as 4x32(32 is the size of object lens, we'll talk below),means the scope comes in the fixed 4 magnification. 

While variable power is able to adjust more than one magnification. So the magnification of 3-9x can dial in from 3x to 9x.

Which one is better? 

Generally, we recommend the variable magnification,  which can fit different kinds of circumstances and requirements.

However, if you plan to hunt at one distance or close range, the fixed power is good for you.

After solve the confusion of magnification, it's time to mention another decisive optics.

Objective Lens

The objective lens is at the bottom of a rifle scope, to provide a clearer light transmission and wider field of view.

Typically, the bigger lens means brighter view, but is it really good if adding too much lens on you scope?

The answer is no, adding a lot lens blindly will only make your firearm too heavy, need larger device and get more light reflection. 


Therefore, how big lens will fit your quip well?

For low recoil and short range, 32mm lens or lower would be fit.


For general firearm with more recoil and higher power scope, especially using in a dimmer condition, you need 40-44mm objective lens.

For long distance or low light condition, 50mm lens will be recommended.



Is it all clear? For now, it's your turn! Go get the most proper rifle scope in CVLIFE !


Choose CVLIFE, Choose Profession. 



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