Overview of the Rifle Bipods

A bipedal fuselage to be attached to a gun is widely used. It is commonly called a bipod. By attaching the bipod to the gun, you can do “commission shooting” to reduce the burden of gunfire by depositing the weight of the gun on the ground. It is released by supporting the gun with the commissioned shooting, it becomes possible to continue aiming for a long time and it becomes easy to absorb the recoil of the shooting.

Because it is lighter than a tripod with the same effect, it is often used for personal firearms and it is equipped as standard on most of the sniper guns and rifle parts, light machine guns, squadron support firearms, and objective rifles.

rifle bipod

Although infantry may be attached to standard rifles used by the infantry, many countries do not hope to increase weight and do not standard equipment. Meanwhile, the Ground Self Defense Force ( 89-inch 5.56 mm rifle ) and the Swiss Army ( SIG SG 550 ) etc. are equipped with bipods that are effective as a battle doctrine that emphasizes defence, which is effective when ambushing, such as ambushing or defensive positions.

It is often attached to a sniper gun, as it may take a long time to fire shooting system. However, because the aim is easily blurred by attaching heavy objects near the muzzle except for a landing shot, it is likely to be disadvantageous in a sniper that emphasizes shooting precision more than anything, and often it is removed.

In principle, the light machine gun is grounded and shot by two legs. Although the gun itself is heavier than the rifle, it is designed to be able to obtain sufficient hit accuracy even with full automatic shooting by grounding and absorbing recoil and can perform suppression shooting as the task of the machine gun. Squadron support firearms are lighter than light machine guns, and scenes to shoot without relying on bipods also increase, but in principle, they are equipped with two legs as well.

hunting bipods

A firearm with a fixed operation such as position defence may use a more stable tripod. Unlike the rifle bipod, because it is difficult to transport alone, it is a prerequisite for several people to operate. Rather, like heavy machine guns, automatic firearms were operated with a tripod until weight reduction was achieved. There was a need for a light machine gun that can be carried by itself and there was a background that a machine gun with two legs appeared. In the modern army, a general-purpose machine gun has been deployed as a machine gun that can be operated effectively on either a tripod or a bipod.

For small firearms not equipped with a bipod as standard equipment such as M16, there are clip-type posterior attachment bipods, but the stability is inferior to standard equipment. Nevertheless, it is often deployed in Special Forces or elite troops to obtain certain effects. Also, recently there are two legs that can be attached to Picatinny rail for such SOPMOD applications. Some have built-in retractable bipod inside the vertical/foregrip.

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