Operating Principle of the Collimator Red Dot Sight

Electronic optical sights have a number of significant advantages not only in front of the standard fly and the whole but also in front of the classic optical sight. Among these advantages is the ability to quickly and accurately guide the target of small and hunting weapons both during the day and into deep twilight.

In fact, electronic optical sights are a sight, in which a constantly visible red dot and peak, which is a sighting mark is formed. For aiming, it is sufficient to combine the mark with the target without carefully positioning the sight relative to the hunter’s eyes. Another important advantage of electronic optical sights is the possibility of shooting with two eyes open, which practically does not limit the field of view, moreover, most electronic optical sights are not produced multiple times.

Red Green Dot Gun Sight Scope Reflex Sight

In the collimator red dot sight, the principle of collimation of light is used, i.e. obtaining a parallel beam of rays corresponding to distant objects of observation. The collimator red dot sight is built on the basis of a long-focus lens with a single magnification. On the optical axis of the sight an illuminated image of the aiming mark is created (most often a red dot).

By its design, they are divided into closed and open. Closed collimator red dot sight outwardly very similar to the classic optical sight. In the open sights, the lens is a lens or a glass plate mounted under a slight inclination of the aiming line.

In both designs, the collimator is out of sight, and the image of the aiming mark is projected onto the lens. The lens is characterized by the fact that on one side a reflective coating is applied on it, on which the image of the aiming mark is formed. Thus, in the field of view of the sight, the target and the sighting mark will be simultaneously visible.

Like optical sights, collimator red dot sights also have parallax. In closed sights, it manifests itself to a lesser extent, in open sights it can reach significant values. The smaller the focal length of the open sight, i.e. the distance from the collimator to the lens, the greater the slope of the lens, and consequently more parallax.

collimator red dot sights

When buying a collimator red dot sight, the following factor must be taken into account: an open sight for long arms should have a focal length of at least 100 mm, and for a short-barrel that is 50 mm. The long focal scope allows you to accurately aim at a distance of up to 100 m, short-focus up to 15 m.

Many sights come with a resolution of 3 angular minutes is ideal for both shooting and hunters. It is interesting to note that at a distance of 25 meters the size of the light spot exactly corresponds to the size of the central part of the standard target used in competitions of the National Rifle Association. In addition, according to manufacturers, several models of the red dot sights can be used during hunting for birds and for sports shooting at the stand.

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