Insights About the Red Dot Laser Sight

The appearance of powerful high-efficiency lasers in the visible and infrared range made it possible to create a new kind of sights such as the red dot laser sights. Some gun experts do not recommend the red dot laser sight for a number of obvious reasons. Contrarily, for the first time, we give an exact definition and explanation of what a red dot laser sight is. The red dot laser sight is a special kind of sight, designed for action in special lighting conditions in near single combat.

Each word in this definition has its own special meaning, imposes a number of limitations and at the same time reveals new boundaries for the use of the red dot laser sights. Let’s start in order: - “Special sight” because there is practically no weapon where only the red dot laser sight would stand: as a rule, it is additional to the existing mechanical, optical and/or collimating, night. This means that it complements them, being the fastest sight.

red dot laser sight

“Actions in special lighting conditions” is a sight for working in rooms, caves, attics, in the forest, wherever little or no light is available. This is a sight for working at dusk and at night. After all, in the daytime, in the sunlight, it’s easy to shoot with any conventional sights. “In close combat” means that it is one-third of the effective range of sighting from the following weapons: a pistol of 8 - 10 m, a submachine gun of 20 - 25 m, a combat gun of 20 - 25 m, and a submachine gun of 50 - 75 m.

“In single combat” means that as soon as there are many red dot laser sights, it is difficult for the shooters, and sometimes it is impossible, to find and actively work with “their own” spot. The red dot laser sight for small arms is very simple in understanding the principle of aiming with its help, but at the same time is complicated in practical shooting development. There are two main difficulties: First, rapid detection of the laser point in the target area, immediately after the inclusion of the sight and second, the stable holding of the weapon and soft working off the descent, and even when firing from unstable positions or in motion.

red dot laser sight

All these difficulties are overcome by prolonged training under the guidance of experienced instructors. There are many companies such as Bushnell has created several dozens of serial laser sighting models for combat and service weapons developed by the U.S. The company has won a series of tenders for the supply of laser sights for assault weapons of the leading countries of the world. These sights endure the most difficult conditions of combat operation, a powerful return of weapons firing with the most modern ammunition. It is very easy to install laser sights on weapons samples of recent years of development, they provide special attachment points. But there are very few such models. Most weapons models have developed dozens of years ago, but due to their high combat and operational properties, they are still used by almost all countries of the world.

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