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How Useful Is the Optical Sight on Short Arms?

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How Useful Is the Optical Sight on Short Arms?

Do you want to attach the optical sights to the rifle? Yes, with it you will hit the target more often. 

Do you want to attach the optical sights to the rifle? Yes, with it you will hit the target more often. It sounds silly. I’ll smash it faster before I can aim. There is nothing more reliable than mechanical sighting devices. This conversation, probably, more than once happened about a hundred years ago, at the dawn of the application of a new method of targeting and the emergence of sniping as such.

red dot sight

The same thing was said about LTSU, they say, “it is plastic and will break from the first blow, and the battery will sit down at the most inopportune moment.” Today, many LTSU can be nailed, and they are well established in the most elite Special Forces around the world. Then came the turn of the optical sights for short-barreled weapons, which for years have been successfully used in shooting competitions, but are not so often installed on weapons for self-defence.

The optical sight, referred to in this article, is a collimator red dot sight, that is, a window, or a tube mounted on a gun-shutter casing or a revolver frame, at the centre of which a red dot is projected. In order to hit the target, you need to point at it, and shoot to align the target with the front sight is not necessary. Where the point is directed, there will fly a bullet.

cvlife red dot sight

It is ideal for older people who are no longer so easy to spot a fly without glasses. It works great both in the daytime and in low light conditions. It allows you to focus on the target. The focus on the source of the threat lies in the nature of the person, so the use of the collimator red dot sight favours this instinct.

The use of the sight in practice revealed one peculiarity and that is by raising the gun from the “low ready” position. When the barrel is lowered down by 45 degrees at the beginning the shooter will slightly lift the trunk upwards. This is due to the fact that the eye focuses on the lens where a large and high window of the collimating sight is now installed. The solution is to try to focus on the fly, as before, and forget that the collimator is installed, the red dot will be found by itself.

red dot gun sight

As for the effectiveness of the sight in action, the time to take the pistol from the “low ready” position and get into the 15-cm target from ten meters, takes 0.96 seconds, which is 24% faster than using mechanical sighting devices (1, 26 seconds). In addition, it became easier to shoot accurately. And still, this sight will help to identify mistakes when aiming thanks to a luminous point, the arrow will be easier to see if the pistol moved after the shot. But from a very close distance the collimator sight turned out to be not so effective and in this case, it is easier and quicker to shoot offhand.


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