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How to Choose a Rifle Scope for Hunting?

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rifle scope

Do You Know How to Choose The Best Rifle Scope For Hunting?

For hunting enthusiasms,rifle scopes are the most essential optics. Is the bigger magnification the better? Only the proper magnification is able to reach the most potential under your specific requirements--higher accuracy,longer distance, wider filed of view.  

You might be confused since the vast selection of rifle scopes on the market. So, what's the most versatile scope? The 3-9x40 rifle scopes are undoubtedly one of the most universal scope for hunting, especially deer hunting. This guide will discuss them in detail !


What do numbers on the rifle scope mean?

Before we are talking further, let's confirm that the meaning of those numbers. 3 means your target will be 3 times closer compared to the naked eye. 9 means 9x or 9 times, which represents how much you close your target, and adjust if necessary. 3-9 magnification is very standard for deer hunting. 40 is the diameter of the objective lens in millimetres. Similarly, 40mm is perfect for medium range shooting.

We also call this kind of rifle scope variable scopes, which means they can be adjusted from 3x to 9x magnified. Compared to fixed magnification scope, the former apparently more popular since its versatility especially for out shooting.

What range are 3-9x40 rifle scopes typical used for? 

3-9x40 rifle scope are best for close to medium range shooting, which is up to 200 yards. If you use the 9x magnification to adjust correctly, the targets would seem to be 20 to 25 yards away, so you can hit them much more easier than before. This scope is good for long distance hunting as well. 

3-9x40 rifle scopes are perfect for hunting among the bush, to make us closer but not too much. 

What's the best type of lens coating?

Fully multi coated glass represents the highest quality,  provides over 90% light transmission, crisp images and exceptional color contrast. Every CVLIFE  Rifle Scope comes with this kind of brilliant coated lens.

Last but not least, we also don't have to use high magnification scopes in dense jungle.Generally, short to  medium range 3-9x40 rifle scope  will suffice. 

Ensure Every Hit, Choose CVLIFE, Choose Precision. 


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