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How does a red dot sight work?

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How does a red dot sight work?

Why are red dot sights so commonly used, the answer is no brainer? Obviously, it’s the ease in hitting your target. Everything about them is simple. That’s the key to their success. Red dot optics are insanely easy to use and very easy to get and stay on target with. They bridge the gap between amateurs and professionals, making hitting the target as easy as it can get. Their simplicity makes the use than irons and keeps new shooters feeling good about hitting the target. Also the speed, one just can’t compare irons versus red dots. The difference is huge. From a low ready position, the shooter can put accurate rounds on target in less than a second with a red dot. With irons, he has to make sure they are aligned correctly and that takes time. The red dot sight allows you to look through the optic at less than perfect angles. When shooting in a flash, you may not get the perfect alignment, or be right behind the red dot, but if you can see the dot, you hit your target regardless.

A red dot sight is a very simple optic designed for close to moderate ranges. It uses a simple reticle to do simple jobs. Red dot optics are 1x optics that do not feature a built-in magnification, hence do not classify as scopes. Invented in the mid-70s red dots have come a long way with major advancements in battery life, clarity, and quality over the years. Like any technology, they’ve shrunk in size and gotten to the point where they range from full-sized rifle optics to optics small enough for duty handguns.

There’s some interesting technology to the red dot sight. The idea is to utilize plates of glass and a light. A red dot has a spherical mirror that reflects the light emitted from an LED of its axis focus. That spherical reflector has a special coating that only reflects red light. This prevents other light from disrupting the reticle. To break it down further an LED shines a beam of light onto a specially coated, slightly angled piece of glass. This glass reflects the light from the LED onto it, creating your reticle. This allows you to see your reticle and see through your optic, but someone on the other side of the optic cannot see your reticle. The size of a red dot is measured in MOA and is controlled by an aperture hole in front of the LED.

Red dots can easily be switched from weapon to weapon. A full-size red dot is just as good on an AR just as on a shotgun. This level of versatility is only found in the red dot optic realm. A red dot on a handgun is also a game changer. Red dots have come to the point where they are small enough for duty and even concealed carry, These are a significant game changer to the gun world. They offer a massive amount of benefits to the handgun platform, including longer range, a more precise aiming system, and faster first shot advantage. Red dot optics continue to be a game changer when it comes to modern tactical applications, as well as sports shooting, home defence, and competition use. They are an incredible gun accessory.


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