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How Do You Adjust A Rifle Scope?

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How Do You Adjust A Rifle Scope?

There are basically three types of rifle scope adjustments that you will need to make for accurate shooting. When combined together, these adjustments allow you to bring the reticle to focus up, down, left, right, forward and backward.

Each scope adjustment is controlled by a separate adjustment turret. Let’s look at each adjustment individually.

The Windage is usually adjusted by turning the scope turret at the top. The more you turn the dial left or right, the more windage you get for either direction. Each unit, known as a click, measures the bullet’s trajectory in MOA (Minute of Angles) and expressed in inches. Generally, 1 MOA is equal to 1.047 inches.

Another unit to measure the clicks is MRAD. You will have the best experience if you scopes reticle and adjustments are all in the same unit of measure.

The scope on your rifle will have a reading that will tell you the process for adjusting windage i.e., which turn of the turret does what.

The elevation turret also functions in the same way as the windage, except it measures the bullet’s angle in a vertical direction. The mechanism for adjusting elevation is the same as the windage turret. The more you adjust it in either direction, the greater the angle of the bullet.

If the elevation turret is located at the top of the scope, it will have markings ‘U’ and ‘D’, for up and down. Depending on the type of scope, each unit of MOA adjustment will change the angle of your scope by ?, ? or 1 inch per click.

The parallax adjustment was not very common a few years ago but a lot of scope manufacturers are starting to set the parallax into their scope these days. It is particularly common with high-end tactical scopes that are used for long-range shooting. A lot of buyers ask for these parallax adjustment turrets and they are becoming a common sight in the shooting market.

The parallax adjustment corrects errors with the focal plane in cases where the target image and reticle are on different focal planes. It becomes apparent when one places their eye close to the scope and moves it around. The crosshair on the reticle will also appear to move in directions.

Scope Adjustments
Adjustments to the rifle scope involve adjustments to the windage, elevation, and parallax. These adjustments are made after you have set up the scope’s magnification for a specific range.

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