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CVLIFE Rifle Bipod - The perfect addition to your hunting kit

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CVLIFE Rifle Bipod - The perfect addition to your hunting kit

Looking for a rifle bipod to add to your hunting kit? You should then be looking for something made from hardened steel and aluminium that can survive any environment. You need something with a 3600 swivel quick release adapter. It should give you the provision for instant length adjustment. The legs should be adjustable for different angles. It should be well designed and easy to carry. When these are your requirements, then the first choice becomes the CVLIFE CNC QD Tactical.

The piece is made from hardened steel and aluminium and that makes it suitable for any environment. It has a 3600 swivel turret with a quick release Picatinny adapter. It gives you the provision for instant length adjustment with 5 settings of leg length. The legs are adjustable for multiple angles. The left to right swinging design gives you added manoeuvrability. It’s slick and fits perfectly in your kit bag making it easy to carry. It’s the perfect addition to your hunting kit.

Why is it the best Bipod outdoors? Its quick disassembly head can not only be instantly disassembled but also can swing left to right. You not only have the independent movement of the legs but you can move 450 in the forward or backward position, or in the traditional 90-degree position, facing forward or backwards direction through the 180 arcs locked in five different positions. It provides the shooter with an adjustable 300 pan and tilt for perfect use in uneven terrain, making it easy to aim the crosshairs on the target. It provides the necessary strength and stability that the striker needs. The easy folding design makes transportation as easy as it can get. The CVLIFE bipod outdoors would certainly give you a great shooting experience.

You could even opt for the 6-9 Inches tactical rifle bipod adjustable spring return with an adapter.

The regular price although $59.99 you can benefit greatly from the sale price of $23.59. You could further save another $9.00 if you purchase right now. Another product from the same manufacturer of gun accessories is the Tactical M-LOK for 7.5-9 inches hunting shooting.

Some customer reviews are encouraging. At least one customer has reported that he is very happy with his bipod, especially for the price. It supports his Spike Tactical ST15 and has held up very well at least for the 100 rounds he has had through with it on. It’s a good looking design, with spring-loaded legs that extend out to about 9 inches. With a 30 round magazine in and the stock extended, the magazine does not touch the ground sitting on the bipod. It appears and feels to be pretty solid but more stable with the legs not extended. It most certainly is a high-value product, especially for the asking price.

Yet another review states this. Since bipods became a necessary attachment for your rifle, CVLIFE has been working day and night to ensure you have the right bipod experience! Their efforts are evident from their highly popular line of bipods. They’ve bipods that let you easily rest your gun on the ground (or any other shooting surface); they reduce fatigue; they raise your stability and accuracy. They do much more than you can imagine! That should be reason enough to select a CVLIFE bipod.


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