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CVLIFE 6-9 Inches Tactical Rifle Bipod

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CVLIFE 6-9 Inches Tactical Rifle Bipod

Bipods have long become a necessary attachment for your rifle. You sure want to invest your money in something that stands the entire weight of your rifle for countless years without showing signs of weakness. You should be looking for something made from hardened steel and aluminium that can survive any environment. You need something with a 3600 swivel quick release adapter. It should give you the provision for instant length adjustment. The legs should be adjustable for different angles. It should be well designed and easy to carry. While most makes of this attachment may cost an arm and a leg, CVLIFE has worked to ensure you have the right experience at the best price. The results are evident in the highly popular line offered by the provider. You can have attachments that allow you to easily rest your gun on the ground or any other shooting surface. They reduce your fatigue while raising your stability and accuracy.

To take a closer look at the CVLIFE 6- 9 Inches Tactical Rifle Bipod, it has foldable legs with a Picatinny rail adapter and up to 5 leg length settings. It has a shockproof, anti-skid rubber foot pad and a strong spring return action to fold the legs back, both smooth and quick. In its upgraded Mount Screw Tension, the bipod comes with an upgraded mount screw tension. This is a high-strength screw characterized by adequately deep threads to give you a higher level of tension to give you stability and the time you need to focus on your target. The legs have five notches of height settings. You can extend it from 6 to 9 inches to get the most comfortable shooting position. By simply pressing the push button provided, you can extend this bipod to any of these notches to set your desired height. Aside from their ability to extend, these legs can also fold out of the way easily for added convenience. Constructed from aircraft grade aluminium alloy, makes it both lightweight and durable. The rustproof black anodized finish enables it to resist all forces of corrosion as well as wear and tear. That adds more years to the lifespan of your attachment, unlike any of your earlier attachments. This is an attachment that easily and quickly attaches/detaches from all the firearms that bear the swivel stud. You can use this attachment with almost any gun.

At least one customer has reported that he is very happy with his bipod, especially for the price. It’s a good looking design, with spring-loaded legs that extend out to about 9 inches. With a 30 round magazine in and the stock extended, the magazine does not touch the ground sitting on the bipod. It appears and feels to be pretty solid but more stable with the legs not extended. It most certainly is a high-value product for the price. So, if you’re looking for something that would make you a better shooter, there couldn’t be a better choice. It perfectly balances and stabilizes your firearm and keeps off fatigues from catching up with you. With all its smart features, you can’t expect it to cost you anything less what it’s priced at. Just unleash your untamed shooting potential and invest in the 6- 9 Inches Tactical Rifle Bipod!


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