4 Tips for Choosing The Best Hunting Bipod For A Beginner

1. Durability
The first thing to watch for is a bipod that’s going to last. A cheap bipod will have to be replaced after just a couple of seasons, so be sure to invest in one that will last you for many years.

To determine how durable a bipod is, the main thing you want to look at is what it’s made of. The best tactical bipod is one that’s made of aircraft-grade aluminum, carbon fiber, or other similar alloys.

Avoid bipods with plastic parts at all costs. These are far more likely to break and wear out quickly.

2. Adjustable Height
There a couple of reasons why you would want to ensure your bipod has an adjustable height.

First of all, it gives you more options regarding your position. You can choose between shooting while laying down, sitting, or even standing. This allows you to move into a comfortable position to line up a shot.

Having an adjustable height also offers you a wider height range. This makes it easier to select a bipod for you since you don’t have to make sure you get one that exactly matches your height. You can also share adjustable bipods no matter how different your height is from your hunting buddy’s.

3. Swivel Feature
Another aspect to look for is a built-in swivel feature. This is another way for your bipod to be more flexible so you can easily adjust it as needed.

Deer move and there’s no guarantee one will end up in the exact position you need them to be in, so you’ll want to make sure your bipod can help you carefully take aim before firing.

4. Lightweight
The last thing you want to think about is the weight of your bipod.
Most people don’t walk ten feet into the woods behind their home before getting into their blind or climbing onto their stand.
Instead, they’re walking hundreds of feet or more to get to the perfect hunting spot.

For this reason, you’ll want to get a bipod that’s lightweight so it’s easy to get out to where you need it. If you can find one with a lightweight and ergonomic case, it will be even easier no matter how far of a hike you have.

Want to Find the Best Hunting Bipod for You?
Now you know the four features of the best hunting bipod. As you can see, it should be strong, fully adjustable, and lightweight so you can easily get it to where you need it and use it.

Video from Elliott Delp.

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