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12 Tips for Scent-Free Hunting

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Although deer are not as aggressive as other species, deer possess a level of adaptability and defensive skills that allow them to protect themselves – their strongest asset being their noses. Over the years, there have been numerous types of gear and products that are specially created to help hunters control scent.

Here are some easy tips that will keep you scent free:

1. Use Odorless Detergents

When you’re finished hunting, make sure that you use a detergent product that is manufactured specifically for hunting. Some best choices that you can find online or at local sporting stores include Scent A Way and Dead Down Wind.

2. Wash your clothes in baking soda
An alternative to store-bought hunting detergents is detergent you could make in your own home. Washing your clothes in baking soda also can help eliminate odors picked up by deer. You can also make large quantities of simple DIY detergent composed of peroxide, baking soda, and distilled water.

3. Dry your clothes outside
After you’ve finshed to washed your hunting clothes, dry them outside. To hange them outside to dry prevents indoor scents from clinging to your clothes like cleaning products, baking/cooking scents, etc.

4. Store your washed hunting clothes
Once your clothes are already dry, place them in a large air tight container for storage until your next usage.

5. Use scent-free products
Take a scent-free shower before you are heading out into the field. Use scent-free body wash, shampoo, tooth paste, and deodorant.
You can also use scent-sealed hunting gear to eliminate human scent, such as scent-sealed slings, bags, and more.

6. Use scent-eliminating spray
When you are using scent-eliminating spray will help mask any remaining scents you have or you’ve picked up on the way to the field.

7. Scent-free baby wipes
For easy, inexpensive, and fast cleanup in the field is to use scent-free baby wipes. An alternative for this is bringing rags that have also been washed in scent-free detergent, but they are diffcult to pack around than a package of scentless baby wipes.

8. Use an Ozonics Unit
Even some hunters may think that Ozonics Units are unnecessary if you’ve taken enough precautions to cover up scent, they still can help hide human scent in the field. Ozonics Units mask your scent in ozone and continuously work to neutralize scent throughout the time that you’re out in the field.

9. Wear rubber boots
Use knee-high rubber boots and also tuck your pants into them. Make sure they are placed in an air tight container beforehand. Please Do not wear your boots at home or in any location to and from the hunting area.

10. Keep your stand site downwind
One of the most basic yet good rules for preventing the spread of scent in the field is to stay downwind. Check the direction of the wind before you are setting up your stand site to make sure the wind won’t be blowing in the direction of your target and their bedding/feeding areas. You can check predicted wind conditions on weather websites and apps beforehand, but be prepared to double check the direction of the wind when you have arrived. It’s good to have the direction of the wind blowing towards a cliff, lake,
pond, etc.

11. Use the bathroom

Make sure to use the bathroom before you get a shower. This can give you a chance to clean off from any urination or defecation

12. No smoking
It’s important to stay away from any smoking or chewing before, during, and after your hunt. If you are ready go through the motions
of showering and properly washing all of your clothes, just one cigarette will completely ruin all of that. Chewing tobacco will also make you detected become easily — there’s generally a strong wintergreen odor in many varieties of it.


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