CVLIFE Rifle Bipod Pivot Tilt Bipod with Swivel-Stud and Detachable S Lock Lever

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About this item

  • CVLIFE Rifle Bipod, Pivot Tilt Bipod with Swivel-Stud & Detachable S Lock Lever for Rifle Stability and Target Shooting
  • 【Durable】:Made of hardened steel and aluminum, non-rust black anodized finish, the rifle bipod is duty and light weight and it can attach to swivel stud.
  • 【Pivot and tilt adjustment】:This pivoting bipod will allow the shooter to compensate for ground that is unlevel by up to 20 degrees.
  • 【Tension adjustment with quick lock lever】:Equipped with quick lock lever, the tension knob can be easily controlled.
  • 【Extend】:With a touch of button, the leg will instantly spring out from 13-23 inches. The legs are notched for easy indexing to a specific height.
  • 【Stable】:Forend pads prevent from scratching meanwhile increase the friction. Soft rubber feet provide enhanced stability. Spring control help bipod quickly deploy and lock into place.


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