CVLIFE 9mm Bore Sight Cal Red Dot Boresighter Rem Gauge with Three Batteries


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-- Length: 33.8mm; Tail width: 8.75mm; Head width: 8.66mm 
-- Laser Wave length (nm:) 640 to 660 
-- LED Type: visible red laser 
-- Power: <5 mW 
-- Construction: Brass 
-- Sighting Range: 15 to 100 yards 
-- Operation: On/Off End Cap 
-- Temperature: -10℃ to 40℃ 
-- Battery Type:3 X AG3 (Included) 

How to use the bore sight?
1.Unscrew the back cap from the bore sight by turning counter clockwise
2.Stand the bore sight on a flat surface with the laser side pointing down
3.Insert batteries (+ side up) inside the rear opening
4.Carefully push down and turn the screw cap clockwise to tighten the cap (the laser is now on)
5.Place in your rifle’s chamber and close the bolt
6.To remove - open the bolt if it does not automatically extract, manually remove the unit by tilting the rifle’s barrel upward (always practicing safe firearm practices)
7.Unscrew the back and remove the batteries to turn the unit off 

Package included
-- 1 X Bore Sight 
-- 3 X AG3 Battery