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Influencer Hub

Influencer Hub

Welcome to CVLIFE Influencer Hub. Unite with top-notch influencers specialized in the hunting industry and embark on exceptional collaborations.

Discover the perfect advocates for your hunting accessories and unleash the power of influencer marketing like never before.

Justin (USA)

Justin, the firearms expert behind the YouTube channel " Guns&Cars ", with nearly 15 years of experience researching and testing guns and cars.
Justin named his original channel after his two biggest passions when he launched it back in 2011. As his audience grew, Justin decided to spun off his automotive content into a separate channel called Autos in order to provide more focused expertise.
These days, his Guns channel focuses on providing viewers the inside scoop on all things firearms.
Justin uploads daily videos drawing from his wealth of knowledge, including in-depth reviews, optics and accessory, ballistic gel ammo tests, long-range shooting challenges, and head-to-head caliber comparisons.
Justin blends masterful technique with accessible advice for firearm enthusiasts.

The Influencer-Coordinated Products for Ultimate Hunting Adventures

1x22x33 Reflex Sight with Red and Green Reticles


6-24X50 Red Green Illuminating Scope


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