CVLIFE 1-4X24E Riflescope Tactical Scope

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About this item

  • 1-4X24 LPVO Rifle Scope Longer Eye Relief/Wider Field of View Optics with Illuminated German 4 MOA Range Finder Reticle for Better Accuracy
  • Wider Field of View(FOV): 129′-31.5′@100yds
  • Longer Eye Relief: 3.85"
  • The CVLIFE 1-4X24WA scope is designed to provide speed and stability for its users. It has a 1X magnification, which provides a real scene and allows for quick target acquisition in various environments. The wider field of view also enhances the user's vision and perception.
  • The ar scope features a German 4 MOA reticle that has a central illumination system, providing similar functionality to a red dot at 1X magnification. The reticle also has a rangefinder function, enabling users to estimate distances accurately. The reticle is located in the second focal plane (SFP), which means that its appearance remains the same under different magnifications, and the size does not change visually.
  • Our 1-4x scope provides red and green illumination at 5 levels of brightness. This choice of red or green reticles provides faster target acquisition. This helps when your target is moving in the early morning or evening light.
  • The lpvo scope also features a resettable MOA turret that can be reset to zero after adjustments. The 1/2 MOA adjustment allows for quick and easy adjustments with clear clicks.
  • High-quality matte black finish with nitrogen filled and O-ring sealed,100% rain, fog, and shockproof.
  • CVLIFE offers responsive customer service to ensure that its customers are satisfied with their purchases and to address any issues they may encounter


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CVLIFE is mainly engaged in the R&D, production, processing and sales services of hunting and outdoor products such as scopes, holographic sights, Rifle Bipod, etc. we have been engaged in the outdoor hunting industry for 9 years and we adhere to the technological innovation concept of "Let science and technology burst into power", adhering to customer needs as the core, providing customers with high-quality products and satisfactory services.



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Product Description


CVLIFE 1-4X24 Wide Angle Scope

CVLIFE 1-4X24 Scope impresses with its clarity and quick aiming. The upgraded wide-angle version provides a wider field of view, providing you with multiple choices.It is made of aviation aluminum, single-piece design, strong and stable, and can maintain durability for a long time. In addition, the longer eye relief and the larger field of view make it stand out among many similar scope. CVLIFE LPVO series has excellent performance, clear and bright lenses, and can be adjusted precisely.


German 4 Reticle

Our German 4 reticle is a glass-etched, illuminated reticle, which improves clarity in low-light environments.

The rangefinder function of the marking line is provided, and the distance estimation of the target can be performed.

Second focal plane (SFP) reticles help you maintain the same appearance under different multiples, and the size will not change visually.


Field of View (FOV): 1x/129 ft; 4x/31.5 ft


Fast Focus Eyepiece

Adjusting the fast focus ring will not bring the target image into focus. It will only focus your eyes on the reticle.


1-4x Scope

Adjusting Magnification is used to adjust the power, you can choose the size of the image power you want to see from 1x to 4x.


Dual Color Illuminated Reticle

Provide 2 colors (green&red), 10 brightness of lighting, "5" is the max value, "1" is the min value, adjust to "0" to turn off.


1/2MOA Adjustment

Turrets ensure precise adjustments. Open the cover, use elevation to adjust up and down, windage to adjust left and right, and one click 1/2 MOA.

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