CVLIFE Scope Level Precise Calibration 35mm Scope Bubble Level


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About this item

  • Scope Level Precise Calibration, 35mm Scope Bubble Level, Scope Mounting Kit, Scope Leveling Kit, Rifle Level, Anti Cant Scope Level
  • 【Compatibility】This rifle scope level is used on 35mm scope tube for the most precise long-range shooting.
  • 【Essential】We use a 35mm scope bubble level to make sure if the scope is completely vertical, which can eliminate potential errors due to the shooting tilt effectively.
  • 【Precision】The fluid flows smoothly and the bubbles move quite sensitively. Even a little tilt can cause the bubbles to move. With a calibration distance of only 10mm, this scope mounting kit will be more accurate to determine if tilted.
  • 【Convenience】Equipped with allen wrench and high quality screws, this scope leveling kit mounts quickly and easily to the scope tube.
  • 【Compact】Small size and light weight, only 0.15 pounds. CVLIFE anti cant scope level won't block your view while shooting.



From the brand CVLIFE



Product Description


scope bubble level

scope level

30mm scope level


Use allen wrench included to loosen both screws.


Put the scope in the middle of level. Make sure that the screw corresponds to the thread hole.


Use allen wrench to tighten the screws.


scope bubble level

bubble level

scope level

Strengthening Structure

Our scope level has a strengthening structure, which is built to last and not easy to break.

Shorter Distance

Our scope level has a short distance(8 mm) of lines and others are mostly 10 mm, which means our scope level is more precise.

Sensitive Bubble

The fluid is high quality to make the bubble sensitive and fast to move.

scope bubble level

It is necessary to use the bubble level to ensure that the rifle is perfectly vertical for the most precise long-range shooting. Shooting a canted rifle is not a happy experiment. Our scope level help to eliminate potential error. There are 4 option: 30mm, 34mm, 35mm, and 1 inch. All of them are easy and quick to mount.



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