CVLIFE 2 Point Sling Adjustable Two Point Sling with Shoulder Pad


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About this item

  • 【Removable Sling Swivels】The swivels of shotgun sling are made of premium aluminum, and tri-lock design, provides secure locking for safety. Swivels tested to 300 pounds, fit most guns and is easy to install.
  • 【Widened Shoulder Pads】Shotgun ammo sling with high quality and soft shoulder pads, can disperse the pressure. They are very comfortable and won't dig into your shoulders . They are suitable for a long time outdoor activities.
  • 【Hold 24 Shells】Our shotgun sling can hold 24 shells for 12 or 20 gauge, and the elastic loops can fix shells well. The Sling adds gripping ring, reducing stress of carrying your rifle and hold the ring at chest or appendix to keep the shotgun sling when running.
  • 【Adjustable Length】Length of the shotgun shell sling is adjustable, from 80cm to 154cm. Its length is widely applicable to men and women, fat people or thin people. You can easily adjust it.
  • 【Anti-Slip Design】Anti-slip inside of the sling shoulder pads enhances comfort, and you no more worrying about the rifle slipping.



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