Why Your Red Dot Looks Blurry and What you should do.

When you look through a red dot sight, do you see a clearly reticle, or something completely different?

If you see a blurred dot that looks more like a star or a comma, or if you see multiple dots, you may have a defective optic or a red dot astigmatism.
What is an astigmatism?
According to the American Academy of Ophthalmology, an astigmatism is an imperfection in the curvature of your cornea (the eye’s lens) that causes blurred or distorted vision.

This isn’t just a problem for people with poor eyesight – you can have good overall vision and still have a mild astigmatism. In fact, LASIK surgery can create irregularities in the curvature of the cornea as well.
How Diagnose a Red Dot Astigmatism or a Defective Red Dot
Of course, if your experience with a red dot has these kind of results, you’ll first want to confirm that it is indeed your eyes, and not a defective optic. There are a few different ways:

1 Turn on the optic, cover the front lens then take a picture of the dot. Does it appear the same way in the picture as it does when you look through the sight? A correct focused picture will show what the dot really looks like.

2 Look at the dot sight through back iron sights to check if it is blurry or clear.

When you look at the dot through your rear peep sight, it reduces the amount of light your eyes are taking in, allowing you to see the dot’s actual shape.
https://www.cvlife.com/collections/dot-sight/products/cvlife-tactical-3-9x40-optics-r4-reticle-crosshair-air-sniper-hunting-rifle-scope-with-free-mounts-2While looking through the sight, line the dot up with an object, and then rotate the optic without moving the dot off target. If optic has issue, the distorted image will move with the optic.
Once you have ruled out a faulty optic as the culprit, you should see an optometrist to find out more information on what is wrong with your vision and what you can do to correct it. If you already have vision issues, you can most likely get an updated prescription that corrects the astigmatism.

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