Why You Should Put A Red Green Dot Sight on Your Air Gun

Why should an air gun use a red green dot sight?

This is quite simply because it will make you a much better shooter. No seriously, it will. They say you can’t buy skill, which holds true, however, this is science.

A red dot is a sighting system that gives the shooter a visual interface that is more in line with how the human eye works. They are small, lightweight so they won’t weigh down your rifle, are parallax-free, meaning that the aiming point is on target regardless of the shooter’s eye position, allows you both eyes open. Fast, and contain a glowing, are famous for their quick target acquisition and are more accurate.


How Can A Red Dot Help?

The beauty of a red dot system is that it doesn't need alignment. A red dot optic is basically attached to the pistol and emits a reflection. When zeroing a red dot, one is essentially orienting the reflection to be true to point of impact of its host. Once zeroed, if the shooter can see the dot, they are seeing an “aligned” sight picture. All the shooter needs to do is put themselves behind the optic to where they can see the dot, and they are good to go.

Where the blip appears represents where the pistol is pointed. This both eliminates the potential of incorrect sight positioning by the shooter and allows razor sharp concentrate on the target. Essentially the dot itself is soft focused at any distance (part of the reason they do not look like a crystal-clear sphere of red) so it is exists in the shooter’s view no matter which distance their eye is focused at.

Review the CVlife's Red Green Dot Sight

This red green dot sight adopts a sturdy aluminum alloy structure, which is durable and shockproof. The reflector is sealed with an O-ring to prevent moisture or dust from entering the interior and fogging the optics. Equipped with a detachable quick flip lens cover, you can keep your lens clean and free of debris during storage and wild hunting adventures.


Better yet, the reflex Sight can be switched between red or green double luminous point markings, with 5 levels of brightness adjustment. For best visibility, it is better to use red in dark environment and green for daytime use.

In addition, this product has quick adjustment knob, it makes wind resistance deviation adjustment and elevation adjustment easier and more precise. Its 30 mm reflective lens aperture, which provides a wide field of view, suitable for aiming and instant targeting and fast-moving objects. Unlimited field of view can accurately locate the target during the aiming process.



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