What's the CVLIFE 3 MOA Air-soft Red Dot Sights?

Enjoy Greater Accuracy

CVLIFE 3 MOA red dot sight can provide accurate aiming the target with both eyes open and stable parallax correction. The glass surface features multiple anti-reflective and scratch-resistant coatings to enhance image clarity and low-light conditions transmittance. Effectively stay zeroing for a long time.

11 Brightness Adjustment

3MOA Red dot sight comes with 11 brightness levels, allows you to enjoy the best visibility in different lighting conditions. Highly improved red dot tech makes the red dot reticles without blurry and fuzzy. In addition, greatly reduces excess glare for eye relief.

Stronger Riser Mount

The sight equipped 1inch saddle height with a 20mm Picatinny rail to get the fixed front sight on your device. The optic riser allows you to adjust the height to your personal preference, helping your visual accuracy with aiming.

Waterproof and Anti-Fog

Each gun sight is fully purged with nitrogen so that the internal mirror will not be fogged due to temperature changes. The O-ring seal housing to ensure the sight is 100% waterproof.

Ultra Durable Material

Rugged aluminum alloy structure brings strong shock-proof, passed multiple strict recoil machine test. High quality matte black anodized finish can resist scratches well and maintain invisible contours, more compact and portable, suitable for various hunting scenes.

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