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Why You Need a Tactical Light

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Why You Need a Tactical Light

What Is a Tactical Light

According to Wikipedia, flashlights are designed for professional use by law enforcement officers, military personnel, and security officers. They are usually used with firearms. In some cases tactical lights can also be attached to the weapon and have laser sights attached, like you see in many Hollywood movies. However, a tactical light does not have to be used with a weapon to be considered a tactical light. Let's first look at the tactical features of the flashlight.

Characteristics of a Tactical Light

So, what's the difference between a tactical light and an everyday flashlight? In fact, in the past, tactical lights were not much different from standard flashlights, but because tactical lights were carried by law enforcement professionals, they were larger and bulkier. However, with the advent of LED technology and rechargeable longer-lasting batteries, tactical flashlights have become smaller, lighter, brighter, and tougher. Let's take a closer look at what a tactical light looks like today: 


Powerful brightness is the most important feature of tactical flashlights. Since tactical flashlights are designed for law enforcement professionals, they must be bright enough to damage another person's vision. In extreme cases, law enforcement officers may use the powerful brightness of a flashlight to temporarily blind and confuse attackers in self-defense. Also, when used with weapons, they are ideal for illuminating targets at night or in other dark scenes.


A tactical flashlight needs to be easy for the user to find and set up. This is thanks in part to the tail cap switch and a lightweight design.

The tail cap button is usually used to turn the lights on and off. This design makes the tactical flashlight easy to operate. You can instantly identify both ends of the flashlight and know exactly where the light is going, which is necessary and very helpful in high stress situations. And the switch on the flashlight shaft is more like a standard flashlight feature. In the dark one needs to fumble for the side of the flashlight with the power button. All in all, the tail cap switch is ideal for use with weapons.

Old-fashioned bulky tactical lights are a thing of the past. Modern tactical lights are usually smaller and lighter, and can be operated with one hand and with the weapon. Usually it's small enough to be carried in a pocket or belt holster. But that's not to say there isn't yet a place for bigger tactical lights. In fact, many police departments in Los Angeles and Europe still use large tactical lights. It's just that the trend now is to make tactical lights that are smaller and lighter, which is also the choice for most of CVLIFE's tactical lights.


Tactical lights should have a momentary-on and a continuous-on option and different brightness settings. Usually there are three brightness settings: low, medium, and high. Additionally, tactical flashlights will often include a strobe light or a staggered pulse light setup. Strobe lights are another setting that can be used to confuse attackers. The rapid switching of light can cause vertigo in a moving person, and it takes a while for the brain to adapt. This gives the user an advantage to take action and subdue the attacker.


Since the tactical light is designed for law enforcement, it should be able to work for 12 hours or more without draining the battery. If the battery is dead, it should be able to charge. Therefore, a long run time and a charging option are critical.


Robustness and durability are also important characteristics of tactical lights. As mentioned earlier, flashlights are designed for professional use, so must be able to withstand harsh conditions or weather. That is, the flashlight needs to be able to withstand falls, and it is waterproof and shockproof.


After saying so much, I believe you have a better understanding of tactical flashlights. Also, it's clear that a tactical flashlight is no ordinary flashlight. However, these flashlights are of the highest quality, and while they're designed for professional use, they're good options for everyday carry or at home.
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