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Why CVLIFE Is The Best Tactical Bipod For AR 15?

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Why CVLIFE Is The Best Tactical Bipod For AR 15?

The Best Tactical Bipod For AR 15

I.Why you need a bipod for your AR 15? I believe you have heard a lot. They strength your shooting stability, thereby boost your shooting confidence greatly. 

Excellent performance makes it to be a must-have accessory for hunting enthusiasts and professional shooters. 

If you still have doubts, a simple question:have you ever missed any target at prone shooting position?

If the answer is yes like other hunters, it's time to own a bipod...

Without further ado, we will use several "best" standard to help you pick the BEST one ASAP!

Best Height

6‘’-13‘’,which is golden height, the most universal height. Fit both sitting and prone position shooting, or sitting position for taller shooters. This range offers the most stability and more terrains use. Generally, the bipod with this  range has 4-5 level height adjustments. 

CVLIFE all-terrain bipod features 9 level for height adjusting!  From 8.5'' to 12'', leg rotating range from 0° to 180°. More fine-adjustment to compensate uneven terrain, satisfy almost all shooting position and scenarios.

Best Mount Types

As you know, bipod has several mount types, the most common types are  Picatinny rail, keymond, M-lok. Let's see what difference between them.  

Picatinny Bipod Mount 

The most common type, which allows the bipod mount to fix directly on a quad rail or a Picatinny rail segment of a handguard.


Picatinny rail can be used without affecting any stability of bipod and typically offers quick detach(QD). QD allows you to quick attach or remove bipod under stability. 

Keymod Bipod Mount

Keymod modular system is designed for attaching the compatible Keymod accessory to your AR 15.

Place the nut into slot, then slide forward and tighten to fix to the place.


Just simple place Keymod to where you need, compact,smooth and lightweight enough to avoid  excess weight and scratch added on your firearm.

M-lok Bipod Mount 

M-lok also allows you to take accessories and directly to the rail very easily.  The only difference is M-lok utilizes camming T-nut. Place the T-nut into slot, and use a hex wrench to rotate the T-nut to fix to the place.


Compared to M-lok mount, both them are lightweight. While M-lok system supported by Magpul tech so they will more stable and durable.


Best Universal CVLIFE Tactical Bipods 

In summery, these mounting types feature their own benefits respectively.  Can  a kind of bipod fit three mount types at the same time? CVLIFE Tactical Bipod can do it! 

It's able to compatible with Picatinny/Keymod/M-lok rail, and a 20mm rotating QD Picatinny adapter is included! Meet all you needs and preference.

Best Material 

Best tactical bipods are made of aluminum. SInce aluminum is a kind of  metal to facilitate a healthy balance between overall strength and lightness. It’s also known to be a reliable material, as far as longevity goes. 

Some top grade rifle bipods will be made of aircraft-grade aluminum.

CVLIFE tactical bipod is constructed of rugged, high-strength materials that include a fusion of milled 7075 aerospace Aluminiuman, stainless steel, carbon fiber and d polymer that is extremely strong. It's light but it doesn’t sacrifice strength or functionality to get there.

Rubber and tungsten carbide feet help to keep steady in different hunting environments.

Why CVLIFE is the best bipod for AR 15? Because it's the best indeed!

















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