How to Choose the Best Rifle Bipod and Adapter?

Should you add a bipod on your rifle?  Would a proper bipod help you fire more accurate shots than ever before? The answer is an unqualified yes! The perfect bipods are based on right heights and adapters. How to choose?This guide will show them all! Let’s get started.

Professional rifle bipod comes in various models, yet the ultimate solution is heavily relied on your shooting preference (position) and what terrain you are hunting in.

6-9" bipods: generally,the shorter length, the more stable
Great for both prone and bench shooting (based on your stature).

The most steady height.

Not suitable for shooting among taller plants

Not ideal for steep uphill shots

Compact and light


9-13" bipods: The medium length range is the most versatile.

Meet varied needs of shooting,

Work well in prone and bench shooting (based on your stature).

Better for shooting over tall grass/sagebrush

Probably a little bit less stable than shorter.


12-27" bipods: Best for hunting
Perfect for sitting hunting
Might not be steady enough since the height.
Better for taking steep uphill shots
Able to shoot over the taller bush.

Bipods may be used on any rifles to improve the stability and ultimately, shooting accuracy, but the thing is bipods  have too many mount adapters, from Swivel stud, M-lok to Picatinny Rail, some are specific to certain rifles, some are not compatible. Therefore, no right adapter no good bipod, let's take a look!

Swivel Stud Picatinny Rail Adapters


This is a kind of quite versatile adapter since it's able to install on Picatinny/Kmod/Mlok rails.

This great value bipod adapter is made of rugged, light weight aluminum features non-marring pads to ensure no damage at the fore-end. 

Weaver Barrel Mount Picatinny Rail Adapters

This kind of solid weaver barren mount fits for varied barrel even the biggest diameter, it also can quick attach on picatinny rail.

M-lok Adapters System 

Compared to Picatinny Rail, M-lok system would be more portable, lightweight and smoother,can be attached on rail directly.

Only install the M-lok on where needed while Picatinny rails usually have rail slot to make them heavier.  

Ultimately, whether the specific height of bipod  or the right  type of adapter, the decision is in your hands. It's totally based on your shooting preference and needs.

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