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What You Need to Know about Spotting Scopes

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What You Need to Know about Spotting Scopes

A high-quality spotting scope is an essential tool for any hunter. Spotting scopes allow you to scout the field, spot game at long distances, and observe wildlife up close without disturbing the animals. When choosing a spotting scope for hunting, there are a few major types to consider:

  • Angled scopes: Angled spotting scopes have an eyepiece set at a 45-degree angle. This allows for more comfortable viewing without straining your neck. Angled scopes are ideal for hunting from cover or for long periods of glassing. They do require the use of an adjustable tripod to be effective.
  • Straight-through scopes: Straight spotting scopes have the eyepiece in line with the barrel for viewing subjects directly in front of you. They are faster to get on target and easier to handhold since the weight is centered. However, extended viewing can cause neck fatigue. Straight scopes work well for spotting on the move or in upright firing positions.
  • Fixed power vs zoom: For hunting, choose a scope with variable zoom magnification in the 15x to 60x range. Fixed high-power scopes have limited applications for hunting and spotting moving targets. Variable zoom offers flexibility in a single scope. Look for optics with high light transmission for best performance in low light, like at dawn and dusk.
  • Size and weight: Consider how far and where you'll be hunting to determine size and weight needs. More powerful and rugged scopes will weigh more but are best for mountain hunting. Lighter, more compact scopes are suitable for stalking and moving between locations. A good balance of capability and weight is ideal for most hunting.
  • Additional features: Other useful features include a built-in sunshade to reduce glare, a rotating zoom ring for fine adjustment, multi-coated optics for maximum brightness, and a durable, weather-resistant body. Nitrogen purging prevents fogging in wet conditions.

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Using the right high-powered spotting scope, hunters can gain a real-time advantage while afield. Look for an option well suited to your needs and hunting conditions for the best overall experience. With a quality spotting scope at your side, the hunt is on. 


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