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What You Need to Know about Bipods

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What You Need to Know about Bipods

In today’s world, the application of bipods has been explored through its length and breath. In firearms, photography, space science, industries, the use and advantage of bipods cannot be underestimated.

In today’s world, the application of bipods has been explored through its length and breath. In firearms, photography, space science, industries, the use and advantage of bipods cannot be underestimated. They are devices that regulate recoil velocity of rifles, they give good stand for cameras to enhance picture quality, they are found on space shuttle to enhance landing and recently have been modeled to different extent.

One of the most popular bipods, CVLIFE bipods give support as they are lighter, tougher and stronger. They are serious game changer for the hunters that value accuracy and success. The advantage is that it weighs less and is very much portable. The second benefit of this kind of bipod is that it can be fitted in a matter of seconds and possess built in cant with rubber and tungsten carbide feet. It possesses extendable legs, too. The rifle bipod comes in a storage box with universal adapter kit. It has a stock height of 17-24 cm weighing around 200g.

rifle bipod

The third benefit is that the adapters can be fitted to most rifle types and it is multifunctional in the sense that it supports several types of firearms. It can be pocketed and has built in rotation to allow tracking live moving targets. The material of construction is machined from 7075 alloy. The hunting bipod can be kept in perfect working condition by simple cleaning with a damp cloth and dry with a cotton cloth. In the same vein a silicon gun cloth will also work fine on the bipod surface. Another advantage is that the bipod leg can be both assembled and disassembled: if the lower leg is removed it can be re-assembled into the upper leg even though if resistance is felt when the pinch web on the plastic leg lock keys in the upper leg mouth, just continue pushing till the resistance vanishes.

For proper use of the cvlife bipod: ensure the leg is opened then undo the lower leg by turning anticlockwise, pull out the leg gently not beyond the stop sign. Next, lock the leg in the position required by rotating clockwise. The third step is the removal of the foot then gently tightens the cant thumb nut till the cant block moves with the right amount of resistance and finally engages the bipod into the rifle adapter plate on the underside of the rifle. However, the warning notice with the shooting bipod should be adhered to strictly by users to optimize usage and durability.

hunting bipods

The correct installation and fitment of the hunting bipod is imperative. CVLIFE bipods are not intended for mounting or supporting firearm on any vehicle like the Harris bipod or X-VIP bipod. The user should make sure the firearm is always unloaded prior to installation or removal of the bipod. Again on no account should the shooter or hunter fire with one of the leg extended. Definitely failure to adhere to these warnings may result in its premature damage, dangerous injuries or even death.

The cvlife bipod is one of the easiest to make use of and that feature makes it very commercialized and patronized by hunters and individuals.


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