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Shooting Guide: Choosing the Right Red Dot Reflex Sight on Next Shooting Competition

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Shooting Guide: Choosing the Right Red Dot Reflex Sight on Next Shooting Competition

Red dot optics are popular for shooters who require excellent assistance for close-quarter shooting. The CVLIFE 1x28x40 fits right into this classification, as it supplies exceptional clearness and precision at a rate that most shooters can manage. Furthermore, the sight's sleek style makes it perfect for use on ARs and other rifles.

How choosing the right red dots can help you enjoy more successful moments during your shooting.

With a red dot, you'll find an instant boost in the precision of a long or close up shot due to the fact that a red dot provides an unblocked view of the target. Likewise, target acquisition with a red dot system is even more instinctive, needing you to line up the red dot on the location you plan to strike and fire.

In essence, utilizing a red dot optical enables you to concentrate on the target instead of the iron post of a standard iron sight setup. If youhave actually observed that sighting on a front iron post triggers things to get a little blurred recently, a red dot is much easier to see and will significantly improve your capability to gain back exceptional target acquisition. Depending upon} yourbudget plan, a red dot optic from either Trijicon, Aimpoint, or Burris is unquestionably} the {way|method to go when you wish to up your sighting game.

Review of CVLIFE 1x28x40 Red Dot Reflex Sight

Glass and Build

The glass on the sight is clear and supplies outstanding visibility. The relatively big 28x40mm lens offers a larger field of view than more compact red dot sights. The glass is totally multi-coated, which helps with light transmission and to supply a vivid sight image.

The substantial hood surrounding the lens secures it well. You also get less interference with sunshine as the hood supplies a great quantity of shade. The tubeless design of the optic makes it lightweight. It's ruggedly developed with an Aluminum case and mount. Glare and reflections are decreased due to the multi-coated lenses for better targeting.

best red dots

It feels to make it easier to shoot with both eyes open as you have a less restricted FoV due to the larger lens. At 100 yards, you end up with a field of view of 19 feet.


On top of having the ability to pick out of 4 different reticle types, you can likewise adjust the brightness within 8 levels. That makes it simple to dial in the ideal level of brightness based on the surrounding light conditions. During brilliant and bright daylight, you want to set the brightness lower. You can then magnify the dot brightness when it gets darker. Adjusting the brightness is easy with the button on the left. When you push the button for around 3 seconds, the sight will turn off to preserve battery life.

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Glock 19

Installing the Reflex Sight

The optic features a standard Picatinny install. It's solid and can be installed and tightened by using the offered Allen wrench. Preferably, it would feature a quick-detach (QD) mount, however that's not part of the offer, although the single guideline sheet that features the optic does show a QD base!

AR 15 shooting

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