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Review for CVLIFE 2.5-10x40e Red & Green Illuminated Scope with 20mm Mount

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Review for CVLIFE 2.5-10x40e Red & Green Illuminated Scope with 20mm Mount

With our business stated in 2013, CVLIFE has been serving budget but quality gun optics, hunting gadgets and outdoor gear such as holographic sights, rifle bipod, etc. We've been engaged in the outdoor hunting and shooting market for almost 10 years and we cleave to the technological invention conception of "Let wisdom and technology burst into power", clinging to client needs as the core, furnishing guests with high- quality products and satisfactory services.

Hunting accessories

About this item

  • Exaggeration: 2.5- 10X with 40 mm objective;
  • Field of View: 100 yrds of 32.5' @ 2.5 x-8.9'@ 10x; Ray 2mW, Class IIIA, reaching 100 yards
  • Clearer Image: multi-coated green lens boast much advanced light transmittance compared with blue lens
  • Illumination Modes: red & green (5 intensity)
  • Durability: made of high strength aircraft aluminum

Special Design

  • Pellet Drop Compensator allows quick adaptations of the reticle for shooting targets at specific distances (100- 500 yrds).
  • Multi-coated Green Lens with much advanced light transimittance compared with normal blue lens, offers clearer images.
  • Special 2 in 1 Design: the scope comes with the laser sight to insure precise firing.
  • 0.79'' (20mm) Mounts are Included
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Test and Review

I am still getting habituated to using this and have not use the night vision aspect of it yet, but so far it's veritably nice, I like the cross hairs and the way you can change the colors, as well as the ray ray on the side of the compass. I have not used the ray ray yet but it appears to be commodity that could be veritably nice for distances of 25 yards or so.
My Rifle is an AR 15, which came with a red dot sight that isn't magnified. The red dot is good for 10 or 15 yards. Any farther out you need commodity stronger, similar as this 10 Power compass.
Have used this compass about three times now. The first time I was in a bit over my head at 100 yards. At that distance it's a little too far with this compass, presumably need a little more important compass for 100 yards. I noticed guys shooting at 100, 200 yards or further had a warder joe next to them with a veritably large" Telescope," helping them zero in on the targets, and I am sure the reaches on their rifles were further than 10 power.
On the third time at the range with this compass I set up that I could zero in the windage and elevation relatively well with this compass at 25 and 50 yards. Beyond the 50 yards it's a little unrealistic.
I tried another compass of same brand that was about half the price of this bone. The cheaper one was fine for a freshman, but just passable, couldn't zero it in at each, it was substantially good for seeing the target with some exaggeration.
This compass is veritably good for the it low price, for use at 25 to 50 yards. Was suitable to acclimate the windage and elevation so that I could put the pellet within a group of an inch or two on every shot, which is veritably good. veritably nice for hunting small game or firing targets at 50 yards or so.


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